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Wellbutrin Increasing Dosage Sexual Side Effects?


A visitor asked about an unusual side effect of increasing Wellbutrin (bupropion) dosage from 150 to 300 mg: increased libido.

I looked at the package insert (prescribing information that the FDA approves for a drug) and didn’t see increased libido in the side effect profiles, including the rare side effect profiles. I did a medline search and saw a couple of case reports of hypersexuality from bupropion:

J Clin Psychiatry. 2003 Oct;64(10):1268-9. “Effect of bupropion on sexual dysfunction induced by fluoxetine: a case report of hypersexuality.” Chollet CA, Andreatini R.
Publication Types:
* Case Reports
* Letter
PMID: 14658981 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

Can J Psychiatry. 1998 Aug;43(6):644-5. “Bupropion-SR-induced increased libido and spontaneous orgasm.” Labbate LA.
Publication Types:
* Case Reports
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PMID: 9729695 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

I wanted to see if anyone either knows additional information about this or have experienced this. Wellbutrin is often prescribed for those concerned with the sexual side effects of SSRI-type of drugs, and the low incidence of sexual side effect is a feature of this drug that the manufacturer markets to physicians. However, I’m not aware of this drug increasing libido to a debilitating level.

Can anyone help with this visitor’s question?

2010 Update: Since I had posted this in 2006, I’m surprised at the outpouring of feedback from people who have indeed experienced hypsersexuality as a side effect to Wellbutrin. You can learn a lot from reading the comments (there are 86 comments as of September 2010)!

Remember: Wellbutrin is approved for usage in the treatment of depression. Any other usage outside of this means that your doctor has prescribed it off-label. Here is a link to the PDF of the product information (also known as package insert, or PI) via Google Docs, or, you can also get the same PDF PI directly from the GSK website

2012 Update: “Wellbutrin: The United States also alleges that, from January 1999 to December 2003, GSK promoted Wellbutrin, approved at that time only for Major Depressive Disorder, for weight loss, the treatment of sexual dysfunction, substance addictions and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, among other off-label uses. The United States contends that GSK paid millions of dollars to doctors to speak at and attend meetings, sometimes at lavish resorts, at which the off-label uses of Wellbutrin were routinely promoted and also used sales representatives, sham advisory boards, and supposedly independent Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs to promote Wllbutrin for these unapproved uses. GSK has agreed to plead guilty to misbranding Wellbutrin in that its labeling did not bear adequate directions for these off-label uses. For the Paxil and Wellbutrin misbranding offenses, GSK has agreed to pay a criminal fine and forfeiture of $757,387,200.” http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2012/July/12-civ-842.html“GlaxoSmithKline to Plead Guilty and Pay $3 Billion to Resolve Fraud Allegations and Failure to Report Safety Data – Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in U.S. History”

Written by Jane Chin

June 28th, 2006 at 3:38 pm

  • yvette


    Just began on bupropion for depression…side effect was increase in my naturally decreased libido. I am 42 years old, have always had high libido until recently, and attributed it to my age. I have a level of sexual response much like that before it began to slowly decrease in past few years. I am all for it in helping women’s libidos.
    It does have the caffeine effect, and makes it hard to sleep, but it has only been ten days.



    • LOL thats why I’m here. I’m a 60 year old male and sence I was placed on wellbutrin my sex drive is like it was 30-35 years ago.I wanted to find out if anyone else experanced this wounderful “side effect” I glad to find out I’m not alone and it’s not a imaginary effect , oh yes also very glad for thiseffect 😉

  • Yvette –

    Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you about helping women’s libidos – there aren’t many options out there for women as opposed to the various drugs advertised for mens’ sexual dysfunction.

    Do you take it early in the morning? Bupropion is definitely “activating” and in the past when I took it, I took it in the morning.

    Best wishes,

  • Sharon

    I was prescribed Wellbutrin because 3 other antidepressants I’ve tried “diabled” my ability to reach orgasm. I have definitely experienced the libido lift of Wellbutrin, overly so, even. I’ve also experienced sleeplessness – which is NOT me, and night sweats.

  • Lindsay

    I’m taking the wellbutrin XL (extended release). only 150, just got raised to 300. I take it before I go to bed because I have the tendency to get tired after I ingest a pill.

    Yes, I sleep less (don’t miss it though, not tired). Yes, I may sweat more than usual.

    And YES,YES, YES (about the other thing) 😉

  • Kathy

    Today I Googled sexual side effects of Wellbutrin XL after being on it for 2 weeks now. The first week I was on 150mg and starting at the beginning of the second week have been on 300mg. Not only is it helping with my depression, my formerly non-existant libido has returned to “normal.” Now I have another problem… Most of my depression revolves around the fact that I don’t like my husband because he is emotionally abusive. Now I’m horney but married to a man that I really don’t want to do it with. What’s a girl to do?

    • Emma

      Leave and start living how you deserve 😀

    • paul

      Give me a call

      • Tracey


      • Catherine Norris

        Kathy, I’m sorry to hear. My husband died last year and he was physically and emotionally abusive. But as Paul here shows there are always more fish in the sea. I now go to therapy for the death, abuse, etc. from my husband. I hope you are seeking therapy as well. I’ve now begun dating a man who is not abusive and it is refreshing but the trazadone I was taking is having awful side effects. I’m hoping Wellbutrin will help. I have a high libido already so I wanted a medication that wouldn’t take that from me. My doctor has been great at helping me to help myself heal.

    • Dennis

      Kathy, I hope you too the advice here and moved on with your life or got ur hubby on Wellbutrin. I notice my sex drive lessens when I skip a dosage. Not going to happen anymore. 🙂 Life is short….. be Happy, Dennis O’

  • Bob

    Kathy, do you need someone to approve what you are planning? OK, then.

    Cheat on your husband, or dump his sorry ass. Maybe cheat on him, and then leave him when you’ve found a real man.

    Or you can stay with him until he learns not to be abusive. Hahahahahaha. Just kidding. That never happens.

  • Dave

    I’m taking Welbutrin 300 mg.. And also on Paxil.. The problem I have is I am unable to ejaculate.. I would think it was the paxil, but I was taking only 5 mg of paxil only and sometimes could ejaculate sometimes not.. I went back on the Welbutrin and trying to stop the paxil. Went from 5mg to 2.5 mg.. Since I’m on the welbutrin, Can’t ejaculate at all..

    Any Ideas? Any Medications I can add to help with this?? I don’t think Vigra will help.. LOL

    • david

      it is the paxil I have been on them in the past and I couldn’t cum and now I just got off wellbutren had no problem with that except I stoped sleeping so I got back on the paxil now I’m having the problem of not cumming but I sure am sleeping well don’t know witch one is worse……

      • I’ve taken Wellbutrin together with effexor for many years. I am not a doctor, but I think you should dump Paxil for good. Paxil is better for women, or so I’ve heard. First, attack the depression problem. I’ve tried many different kinds, but for me Effexor was by far the best. It can be adjusted very efficiently, whereas drugs like Zoloft don’t seem to be able to adjust with any degree of success. I’ve taken as low as 75mg, and as high as 300mg(daily), and believe me when I tell you, the difference is hugely noticed. Once you feel comfortable with your dosage, then you add in the Wellbutrin. In the beginning, ejaculation may be difficult, but on the upside your woman(or man or goat, as the case may be) will be ecstatic. After a few weeks or so, you will get better. A little practice on your own will help. Be patient and remember that if you keep it up, you should find that the alternative of jumping off some building can hardly compare to RE- learning how to shoot a load(probably including the goat).


        Grayson Meese, fellow patient

    • Tom


      how have things worked out for you, did you get your dosing adjusted so that you can perform sexuall? I am on Welbutrin, taking 200 mg in AM and 200mg midday and have been on this schedule for almost two weeks. Had sex with my wife Saturday AM and was barely able to get erection, then during sex I could not cum at all and eventually just lost the partial erection. My wife immediate said to me it is probably the Welbutrin! I am hoping that maybe I can adjust the dosage or take something else to help with the ED problem, please let me know there is hope.

      Thanks Tom

      • Brad

        I started taking Welbutrin in July to try to stop smoking, worked for a co worker so I thought I would give it a shot. after about a month of taking the W, I started having issues becoming erect…which was NEVER a problem before. It wasnt everytime….but after the first time (about a month in) I just stopped taking it for a weekend…and was miserable. So I started taking the full doseage (300mg)….and i didnt see an increase in libido at all…..in fact, still had times were I could not get erect. Now I am trying to come off…..and the inability to get an erectio is worse than ever!!! I am VERY FRUSTRATED. I feel like it has to be the Welbutrin that is affecting my sexual performance. I am going to get off of it…as it didnt help me to stop smoking..and it has done me NO good. Hopefully when I am completely off…..I can get an erection easliy again!! if anyone has advice or experience with this…it would be greatly apprecited if you share.

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  • Robert

    I am a 40 year old male. I just increased my wellbutrin from 300 to 450 a day and my libido is through the roof. I guess it effects everyone differently, but for me it makes me want to have sex all the time,


    • Sherry

      My boyfriend and I have been together almost a year. We had an amazing sex life…then it slowly diminished. We have not had sex in months. I thought it was me so I conforted him on it. He said he was still attracted to me but he just has no interest in sex. The lose of his libido was and is bothering him to. He went and saw his doctor…all lab results came back fine but he was diagnosis with depression as that does not suprise me we have both been thru alot lately. The doctor put him on wellbutrin xl 150 mg daily. He started this 2 weeks ago and nothing has happened and he is getting frustrated. My question is how long does it take to get the effect of the drug?

  • jay

    Oh My Goddess!~

    increased libido??!?!?!?!?! mine has so increased i didn’t think a libido could get that big!~(lol).

    Anyways, let me be serious for a minute about MY personal condition:
    I have been diagnosed ptsd and borderline bipolar…
    I was put on Wellbutrin SR and Seroquel 300 @ 3 years ago…
    The Seroquel is WAAAAAY too strong for me to take an entire pill at bedtime…but concerning the Wellbutrin—
    …i have found (And i would REALLY like it if you
    could get back to me personally when I’m through here, so I can tell you some very,very interesting things about Wellbutrin)that my depression has been somewhat alleviated as long as i stay on my regimen of Buproprion…my mood is now generally “up”-ee and I sometimes feel the SLIGHTEST little bit of self-esteem coming back to me…But here is the answer you asked us for—Sexual Libido increase w/ Wellbutrin?
    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES OMIGODYES YES YES…I’M A WALKING ORGASM…i’m sorry i don’t mean 2 offend you…but 100% honestly, i have never , ever in my whole 42 years on this planet,felt soooooo darn horny All the Time!~i get a little “tingle” in my u-no-where area and it stays there alllll day!` I have actually followed these amazing feelings and they have taken me to OOhhhh boy ooooh boy….places i never thought i could EVER discover!~this is why u must Email me back personally…i would love to share w/ you my experiences while
    on Buproprion…which i might add, i have been changed over to the Wellbutrin XL…and oh boy…even worse!!!..or better-it’s in the way you decide .

    • Charles

      Wow…I was on Celexa and am just now on my 3rd day of Wellbutrin SR (100mg for 4 days and then 2 tablets a day after that). Your story sounds great as I have not had much desire, I would love to hear you story.

      • Kendra

        My husbands on celexa for depression however he has absolutly no sex drive & im going to lose my mind the dr tried two other meds no lucknow hes given him wellbutrin to counteract the side effectof the celexa its been over a month still NOTHING…..shouldnt it b working by now heson 150 mg of wellbutrin but hes a big guy 6 1 225 lbs im thinking he needs 300mg SOMEONE HELP PLEASE….hes had lab work his testostorone is fine

        • Bill

          Kendra, I’ve dealt with the effects of SSRIs for years. The only thing that ever combatted them was Viagra or Cialis. Here’s the problem though, you take a Viagra and you get an erection, doesn’t mean you actually want to have sex. One thing I’ve found over the years that worked for me (I’ve been on antidepressants for 16 years) is a natural herb called Yohimbe, aka Horny Goat Weed. If he’s a healthy guy get him some. I would also advise another suggestion. Get him off the Celexa and ANY OTHER SSRIs. The only one that ever worked for me in 16 years was Zoloft, but my sex life sucked. Try the Horny Goat Weed though, it was amazing for me.

    • troy

      you still on Wellbutrin. Just start about a month ago and WOWee my libido is fantastic.
      Send me a msg back to discuss

    • Greg

      Uh, I thought I was going to find help finding the right dosage for Welbutrin. My social worker had mentioned that some of her other clients had called it the horny drug.

      I’m taking it to treat ADD symptoms, I’ve never had libido problems, I have impulse control issues. It sounds like this is more of a female phenomenon, not sure though.

      (Maybe we could form a support grope)



    • {Name Withheld}

      Me too. Strange that this side effect was never indicated in any of the prescription paperwork. On the first dose I noticed a spontaneous errection within two hours. That night and every since I awake with incredible size and firmness. The orgasms are intense and relentless. Even when flacid, my penis is much larger than ever before.

    • Sherry

      How did you “follow” those feelings and what happened? I am interested because I am a new Wellbutrin user (300 mg).

      Thanks 🙂

    • Bob

      U have a friend, I started taking Wellbutrin SR 600 mg/day in 1994, it was 1st and only drug prescribed me and I had been thru ALL the anti depressants with NO HELP at all. Each month my Psychiatrist said “help?” me answer: “nothing” ok lets up the dosage, or if at max? We changed to another med and I went thru them ALL.
      He was Dr of ZERO words, I was in and out in 5 minutes max with new RX I found little cold, felt he should chat a bit ANYWAYS, I was at 450 mg day Wellbutrin and said “Doc, I have SMALLEST feeling a door is opening and I see some light, let me go over to the 600 mg level as this is like the last med……..he agreed BUT THIS time he said something: “HAVE A GOOD SEX LIFE” I thought “what the heck he say anything one, and two, WHY THAT??? What does he know I do not? I found out, 4 orgasms a day not abnormal and really INTENSE/felt like head exploding………that I felt is a problem but didnt want to give it up as LOVED the feeling. I started x-dressing home only as hottest looking thing u ever seen, I fell on it by accident, put wifes nylon on looked in mirror and said “please mirror say NO” but it just said OH YEAH BB, surprise, and just looking at self in nylons made me crazy and orgasms even stronger. Well then, red toes, anklet, high open toes, slim trim, wig, and other clothing to make it as GOOD AS COULD GET IT and wow it was crazy………I am hetro, still am always will be, married 31+ & NOT CHANGING EVER!!!! I read 95% x-dressers hetro and stay that way……..if I had been ugly? I would trashed it all, but I totally SMOKED and went on alt.binaries.crossdressers and posted my pictures, people went CRAZY. So then I wanted the thrill of people seeing me live on IRC and programs handle video and sometimes 15 people watch me get off and it was ultimate…….THEN I had anxiety problems, other issues, started taking “slow down” meds and I quit dressing and sex went back to normal as COUNTERED by lot other drugs. I did it 2 years age 34, 35, 15 yrs later……..now I started failing liver tests so decide NO PILL IN MOUTH unless it is a MUST and I take Wellbutrin SR 600 mg day on its own again and I found myself with head exploding again and intense 3 – 4 times /a day need for orgasm, started the crossdress thing…….well I am in 50’s but guess what, STILL SMOKE SERVERS DOWN when x-dress and it is not impressing people, it is me looking at self and going OMG U(me) look so sexy, I could marry my hand and be in love, the other stuff all followed again but that just is me going to the MAX…….as remember now, I failed liver tests so stopped everything except Wellbutrin SR 600 mg and the sex crazed intense need returned. I love people to watch as it adds to it, not ever left house, just using internet, now it much more easy to play this type game. NOW I NOW WHY DOC SAID “Have a good sex life”…………I find myself pushing more and more, not going to go out or anything but am scared it seems to be my only thing with kids gone, became disabled and I am scared so my new psychiatrist offered some counter RX’s but I can’t give it away and dont take the meds……..it is very ADDICTING to have orgasms that are so GOOD 2x day now…
      I am scared tho, feel going to get in trouble or something and think gonna have to give it up and take the meds………..long story but it is my life and I KNOW IT IS THE WELLBUTRIN as it hit like a hammer, then got stopped by other meds, NOW I got hit by HAMMER EXACT SAME WAY so I am on my life positive it is the Wellbutrin………..what is the right thing to do? I shave legs even got so crazy with it………..but I am hetro, not changing…………just think it is wrong and should STOP IT. Hope this helps as telling someone HELPS ME A LOT.
      Thanks for you opening up,

      • Bob

        Hi Bob
        Drop the Wellbutrin – The dose is really high and there is more to you than the effects of it which seem to have been consuming you with self indulgence.

  • denise

    ive just recently started taking wellbutrin for my depression and found four distinct affects,an elivated mood elivated labido alot of energy and pain relief in my stomach from a hernia and im only taking 100 mg a day go figure!

  • Bonnie

    I have been on Wellbutrin for 8 years. LIBIDO stays but not as strong as it was at first. It is a great anti depressant. Love my WELLBUTRIN XL!!

  • Jim G

    I consider Wellbutrin XL to be a wonder drug for brain chemistry depression (added the descriptors as some people don’t know the difference between chronic and temporary depression.) I am productive and I can hold a job. And although I don’t believe I am hypomanic at all, (I have bipolar depression,) I do have the hypersexual side effect that is usually attributed to a hypomanic mood swing. I’m an odd case though — diagnosed bipolar disorder I, the strongest level, yet I don’t have mood swings anymore. I healed. Just chronic depression, which the Wellbutrin XL fixes. However, the hypersexuality is a problem, and I have even started going to a Sex Addicts Anonymous group as a result. For me the main problem is instead of having sex with my wife, I prefer to satisfy an appetite for fantasy, yet I do that safely, using free internet porn movies. It is a problem as then the hypersexuality just gets worse when you are watching porn. The porn seems to act as a persuasive element that then just creates more appetite and makes you look at women and teenage girls as sex objects. Even when your morality dictates otherwise. I can be irritable also I think, but it takes someone else’s temper usually to set mine off, or it takes a lot of stress. I probably should take another anti depressant with wellbutrin to temper the effect of the libido, as most others have the opposite affect on libido. While it can’t hurt to boost multiple brain chemicals regarding treating depression.

  • Jeannie

    I wish my husband would look at this issue. He has always been more into fantasy through porn but this has seemed to result from his dysfunctional family system. As a result, I think it’s become somewhat an addiction for him. I also know that depression runs in his family. He has never wanted to investigate whether the depression and the escape porn provides may be linked in some way. I, personally, have nothing against porn as an addendum to sex with another person, but when it replaces that sexual connection with a person, it’s destructive to the relationship. Well, I saw your email and it gave me pause when you mentioned the link between depression and sexual addiction. If anything you have tried has been successful in addition to the medication, I’d be interested in hearing your perspective on it.
    Thank you! Jeannie

  • Sam

    I was prescribed on Citalopram about a year and a half ago for panic attacks. I recently noticed, maybe two or three months ago that it was very difficult to reach an orgasm. My doc put me on wellbutrin, and my libido went through the roof!!! I was reaching orgasm two sometimes three times a day, in a matter of just hours too. I’m 24 and have never been able to ejaculet 3 times in 6 hours, until then, which is fantastic because my wife and I are very sexual beings. However, about two weeks ago, my libido disappeared, and I have since grown somewhat depressed. I have had no desire at all to have sex. This is very difficult because my wife is upset, she feels as though it is her, AND IT’S NOT!!! I am more than happy to satisfy her in other ways, but she refuses, she wants to make love. So often times I try to give her what she needs and it leads to nothing but heart break for both of us, I can’t get get excited, she thinks it’s her, and I’m upset because I have not only upset my wife emotionally as she thinks i am not attracted to her, but I am unable to satisfy her sexually as well, which fuels my depression. I talked to my doc and he raised my dosage from 150mg a day to 300mg a day, he thinks this will boost my libido and my wife and I can have our fantastic sex life back. Anyone experienced anything similar to this, with the dosage increase or what not……..DID IT WORK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • James

      I don’t know if this helps but I started on Citalopram (for maybe 6 or 7 weeks) and it made it very difficult to orgasm. It was just barely possible and the result wasn’t really great. I switched off Citalopram and went to just Wellbutin SR (The Generic) Things went back to normal. Nothing hyper sexual but just normal.

  • Andrew K

    When I was in Carrier Hospital they put me on Wellbutin XL. I started feeling better. I remember when I was on it for a couple weeks that I went out to walk my dog and it felt so great, so great. I quit smoking as if the cigarette was so heavy that when I lit it, it was so heavy that it just dropped to the floor before I could even want to smoke it anyway. {explicit content about a sexual encounter removed}
    If you have morals and a good heart and you respect women, an increased libido is great. {otherwise} it will destroy all of those things around you.

  • angela b

    I’m bipolar and very hypersexual. Have been since childhood. When I first met my husband I was going through an extreme manic cycle. As my best friend he just waited on me to calm down and now we’ve been together for 8 years. I have always maintain complete control of my body dispite my inclinations. Now I’ve been on Wellbutrin for just 2 weeks and came within seconds of cheating on my husband a couple of days ago. I had no way of knowing that for the first time in 8 years I would come so close to losing control. I’m back in a uncontrollable manic cycle which has left me depressed for fear of cheating and my husband very afraid. I’ve made myself homebound but it doesn’t seem to stop me from phone calls and the painful urges to just get in my car and give up. I didn’t know it was the welbutrin until reading this site. I see my psych. tomorrow. I oversexed enough. I didn’t need anymore.

    • Dear Angela, I’m sorry to hear about your experience on wellbutrin, and glad that the article has given you additional information that can help you have that important conversation with your psych about the hypersexual side effects that you’ve been experiencing. It sounds like you have a high level of self awareness, but medications have profound effects on our bodies and psychologies (esp. medications targeting our brain chemistry). I hope you have resolved the symptoms and are finding an effective alternative that does not put you (and your marriage) at the same level of risks you have experienced. Please let me know how you’re doing. Jane.

      • Shawn

        Dr Chin, I started taking Bupropion 150mg SR (Activis) a week ago for depression. I was supposed to take it once a day for the first 4 or 5 days, then take two a day from then on, and see my doc again in a month. The first night after taking a morning and evening dose for the first time I noticed an incredible increase in libido, stronger and longer orgasm, and horny ALL the time, and even right after sex. Dreams are weird, not nightmares, just weird. Also headache when taken morning and night. But the oddest thing is my gums, especially upper gums, are a little inflamed and sore/sensitive. I only found a few instances of sore gums related to Wellbutin on the internet. How concerned should I be about this? Dr Office is closed for Christmas holiday. Thanks, Shawn.

        • Hi Shawn,

          I looked on Pubmed.com to see if there are any published literature on the gum-related side effect that you’re experiencing but I haven’t found anything. Many psychotropics will have an effect on dreams, if it bothers you, then you will want to tell your doctor about all the different side effects you are having. One of the options you may have is to go to the drug manufacturer’s website and look for their “contact us” link. Sometimes they will have hotlines or toll free numbers for patients or consumers who have questions about their products. You can ask them about whether they have data on file about these gum related side effects and what side effect management strategies they’ve seen physicians use in those cases. They will likely tell you that you should talk with your doctor, and you will of course, but you at least want to try to see if the drug manufacturer has any data about this side effect. Your doctor can also request for medical information from the drug manufacturer.

          Please keep us posted on what you find out and good luck –

          • David

            Hi Jane,
            I am 48 YOA and started on Bupropion 150mg SR a little over a month ago and the following week was upped to 300mg. This was a bit too much as I was feeling overly good (euphoria) and I was reduced to 75mg twice daily. The following week I started to have minor jaw pain which progressed to moderate pain (mainly on the right side) to the point that my teeth were very sensitive. The pain made it difficult to eat but I figured this was part of the adjustment as I am now taking a stimulant. It’s took a couple of weeks and the jaw/tooth pain is almost gone. I have not experienced the libido rush like others have but I do feel like the medication is helping my overall feeling of well being. I do suspect however, me taking Clonozapam for the past 20 years (1mg/nightly for REM sleep disorder) has negatively impacted my libido. I am in the process of weening off the benzo as I now know the side effects of this drug for many can be horrible. My question is is the jaw pain I experienced normal for some and does the Clonozapam have any counter-effects to the Bupropion?
            Thank you for your time,

          • I am a dentist and also on wellbutrin for depression. I am 90% sure your upper gum issue is from mouth breathing during sleep. Perhaps the medicine puts you in a deeper plane of sleep than before. If it were a systemic issue, the lower gums would be affected to the same degree. Have your dentist make you a simple upper “bleach tray”. Tell him/her what it is for so they will not trim the tray to just fit around the teeth. It should extend as far on the gum as comfortable. Then at bedtime, put a thin film of vaseline over the gum, then insert the bleach tray. I feel very sure you will get rid of your gum problem. I have many patients with upper sore gums, all caused by mouth breathing during sleep. Good luck. do not buy the drugstore bleach tray that you fit—waste of money

      • Tim

        I was wondering how long it took for wellbutrin to increase a womans libido if anyone know cause my wife started taking it because our sex life was out of this world when we first got together and now it is very very slow and was just wondering if you knew about how long it took to start taking affect I am open to any comments

        • Cindy

          Hi Tim,

          I’m a female and just started taking Welbutrin XL 150 mg in am on 8/25 and this wknd I felt the increase in libido. I’ve always had a great libido but never could have multiple orgasms until this wknd. I’m taking it to stop smoking but I think I’m going to stay on it forever! I’m wondering if I increase to 300 mg what would happen? lol

          • Jasmine

            Hi Tim,
            I’ve been on many SSRIs in the past (for anxiety and depression) that prevented me from having an orgasm. Right now I’m on Cymbalta 30 mg and I just upped my Wellbutrin from 150 to 300mg one month ago. At the 3-week mark of being on 300mg, my libido came back like normal. But now, at the 4-week mark, today is the very first day in my life that I had many multiple orgasms in a day. I’ve never experienced anything like this before, so I just started searching on line for meds that could have this side effect…and this is how I found this website. So, after 1 month on Wellbutrin 300 is when my libido really reved back up in a way I’ve never experienced before. I hope this helps.

  • danielle

    This drug has done wonders me! I wouldn’t mind staying on it even when I don’t need it anymore. The sexual side effects are fantastic.

  • Barb

    My husband has been taking Paxil for over 4 years 20mg and take four .05 Xanax four times a day. Since taking the Paxil he has no sex drive at all and when we do have sex he cannot have an orgasm. The doctor is adding Welibutrin to the list of meds to help the sexual side effects that the Paxil gives him. Has anyone had and done this and has it worked? Thank you

    • John

      Barb, Mine is the same problem you described but i take only the xanax. I was wondering if the wellbutrin has helped any.

      Thank You,

    • Taryn

      Its the Xanax- definate

  • KC

    just reading all posts and wondering what the heck is wrong w/ ME? i love having sex, but i have to FAKE it, but my husband knows. i just can’t reach the big bang anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Dear Jane, Can you help me understand? Most people here experience increased libido or hypersexuality, yet it is not the case for me. I was on Wellbutrin (300mg/day) in 2005 to help with my depression (when I was 35). It worked wonders and I think it was because it was not a severe depression, but just enough to interfere with my life over an extended period of time (few years on and off). At first the libido was slightly higher, but I never really had any problems. However, about 8-9 months into the treatment, I started having problems, ultimately not being able to reach orgasms despite feeling quite sexual! My husband eventually persuaded me to get off of it. I did and, after a while my ability to achieve orgasms returned, but never the way it was before. It was always harder from then on. Recently, I’ve been loosing a fight with another bout of depression and I’ve decided to return to wellbutrin. This time, it took much longer to work and alleviate my depression, I never experienced the decrease in appetite or even a few nights of insomnia at the beginning, which was strange to me. At the same time, I have become very active physically, so I assumed because of all the exercise I have been doing, there was no way I could ignore the need to eat or sleep. I was also hoping that the sexual side effects I previously experienced would not return ….but they seem to be coming back. This time, only 5 months into the treatment. Still, I just cannot understand how a side effect of any drug could take this long – we’re talking about 5-9 months – to develop. Is it even possible, or is it all in my head?

  • gail m

    I started Wellbutrin after ineffective tours of duty on Zoloft, Prozac, Effexor, all of which hampered libido and response. Wellbutrin increased both . When I had to stop it for 6 weeks prior to a surgery, both decreased (well, surgery and recovery discomfort didn’t help libido any) and resumed when I began again. Every so often I get a dopamine ‘overload’ on Wellbutrin and take one or two days off, until the blinking stops (caffeine, and it doesn’t take much,) exacerbates this. When I resume, the libido and response return. My problem was depression and a sort of physical as well as mental inertia, which Wellbutrin helps, considerably.

  • Cane Sokolovski

    Dave, stop taking Paxil! It ruins the libido and make you not have ejaculation, or to have a very weird one! By the way, are you so bad?! Why would you need two antidepressants?

  • bex

    I was given venlafaxine in hospital at 150mg and it made me very uncomfortably turned on. I also had itching and thumping heart rate and constant anger. The hospital stay was very traumatic as I asked to be on on less meds but was not listened to. That was 3 years ago. I gave myself 75mg venlafaxine 9 months ago when depression returned a month after quitting smoking. This time it has helped keep me steady and off tobacco and safe. I have noticed I do not paint anymore nor play music. My partner and I are very close but I am getting tired of sex.He tries so hard and I feel guilty I cannot be there. These effects have slowly developed but I know they are due to the medication. Other side effects I have is itching arms and legs. I know meds have different effects in different people, but at a guess I’d say the wellbutrin and venlafaxine (at higher doses) affects dopamine which would put one in a state of expectation. It wouldn’t necessarily turn one on immediately but over time one would learn to become turned on.At the moment I am unsure whether to take more of the venlafaxine or try coming off it entirely. I’ve had enough of the way things are right now and I need a change. It’s all relative really, I guess.

    • T.

      HELP!!! I’ve been taking Paxil for depression for six weeks & my sex has gone from overly sexual to nothing since starting this medicine..do I have to trade my sex life for sanity??? Really?? I’m soo frustrated and don’t know what to do!!??

      • Sinjin

        Get off Paxil and try Wellbutrin. 150mg first then 300mg. You shouldn’t have to trade anything for sanity.

  • Charles B.

    I was on paxil for 12 years for depression and sociel anxiety disorger when I tried to wean myself off of the drug. I entered a period of anxiety and major depression that I will never forget. In about a month I lost 25 pounds and was eating the same. And, then I cut myself off from everyone and started playing Russian roullete, which I did for five days. Oh, I cheated, but I don’t know how I didn’t blow my head off. I finally committed myself and was in the hospital for 17 days. The doctor put me back on paxil and introduced me to wellburtin. My libido took off, but has now two years later just disappeared. It would be nice to have some libido back.

  • Johnny Willings

    47 yr old male. Of any antidepressant I’ve taken (c.14), by far I prefer Wellbutrin. On it, my thoughts shift from a frequently suicidal hopelessness toward being able to focus more on future possibilities. On even moderate doses of Wellbutrin, I experience a highly increased libido and in one aspect, it’s great because it gives me back the rutting drive of my 20s, when life seemed pregnant (pun intended) with possibilities. I can orgasm every day (normally 2-3x/wk) and orgasms are doubly intense. At 300mg though, it’s way too much of a good thing. I’m overly flirtatious with both men and women, prone to sexual innuendo, and reach a point where almost anything is sexual. I start seeking out porn obsessively and eventually I can’t concentrate at work. I’m currently taking 100mb every day or two (more or less to control the sex drive effect) and that seems to have struck a happy medium, returning my mood and energy without the hypersexuality. What nearly drove me insane was a high dose of an orgasm-killer like Paxil or Zoloft PLUS a high dose of Wellbutrin.

  • Barb

    The reason my husband is taking 2 antidepressants is so the other will help with his libido, but as of right now it has increased a little but that is it he still gets no pleasure out of sex and that makes it were he just don’t want sex again. they want him to try other meds but he is afaired he wont leave te house again

  • Barb

    I’ve been on Wellbutrin for about 2 years. I definitely have noticed an increase in libido since I started it but until I stumbled across this article/forum, I did not realize it was the Wellbutrin!!! I didn’t know what was going on with me, unfortunately, I attributed it to the new man in my life (came into my life at abut the same time) and stayed with him too long as a result. Broke up several months ago and the increased libido continued – that was my first inkling it might be something other than him! I am entering menopause (about a year) and was wondering why my sex drive hadn’t decreased – now I know!

  • Nikki

    Just wanted to add a note here… Wellbutrin is structurally similar to amphetamine, or speed, if your into street slang. Thats why everyone complains about racing heart, anxiety, etc. If you just take it in the morning you should be able to sleep at night, and if it is still a problem, you can be prescribed something called Trazadone, which will help you sleep.
    Now for the libido thing, I’m having a problem with it too, I feel like I need to chase my husband around the house, to work, etc. And hes exacerbating the problem to get back at me for a low sex drive for the last 13 years. I feel like Im walking around with concrete underwear on all day and night, and no matter how much sex we have, it doesn’t seem to let up. On the other hand, its done wonders for my marrige and the depression is totally gone, and I have been on several medications. So all in all, I guess its worth it!

    • car

      I am so glad I found this site! Nikki, I feel just like you! I have only been on the med for about a month and really just yesterday I noticed the increased libido. I am thinking about my husband that I have been with for 16 years (13 of that married) all the time. I think he is the hottest guy in the world and would seriously visit him at work during a break if I thought I could get a little action. Unfortunately I am 41 and he is 50 and his libido is not matching mine and he thinks I am crazy. Since it has only been 2 days I guess I will just see where it goes from here. Maybe I could slip him some too and then out libidos would match! JK

      • phil

        he’s older now too. get him to the doctor. get him on the pill 🙂

  • thank you everyone for adding to this thread, because your personal experiences may help someone who can’t find much public information about this side effect, and let that person know he or she is not alone (or going crazy)!

    • John

      I’m a 39 year old male and I have been on a low dose of Paxil for about a year now(6mg). My libido and ability to orgasm is basically gone. My doc prescribed me 150mg of Wellbutrin to offset the Paxil, but I haven’t taken it yet and here is why. I am also taking a weekly injection of Cypionate Testosterone for low levels of T, and I read taking Wellbutrin lowers the threshhold of seizures which is a side affect of both Wellbutrib and Testelosterone replacement therapy. Has anyone taken Wellbutrin while injecting steroids for HRT-Hormone Replacement Therapy and if so, have you experienced any side affetcs. By the way I mentioned my concern to my doc and he said there wouldn’t be any problems taking them both together but readibg blogs on the web caution me otherwise. Plz help.

      • TH

        I am 54 yr old male. Been taking 150mg Wellbutrin for many years, and Test cyp injections now every other week for about a year. No problems at all. Had tried Test gels and patches before w/no results. Since starting the injections, sexual function has improved greatly, almost like 20 yrs ago. Along w the Wellbutrin I have been taking 10-15mg buspar for anxiety, also for many years. Everything is good.

        • John

          TH, thanks for the reply. Since writing this post I began taking 150mg Wellbutrin XL once a day. As I mentioned before my sex drive and ability to orgasm were nill, and after 5 days of Wellbutrin it seems my ability to orgasm has gotten worse, if that were even possible. This sucks, anybody else have a similar experience and/or suggestions? If I stay on Wellbutrin will my ability to reach orgasm get better? Help.

  • Laura

    Thank you so much everyone for your info! I have just been prescribed Wellbutrin for my ADHD which has squashed my potential and i am sick of it. I also am unable to reach orgasm during sex, but with lots of porn and vibrators have been able to on my own. I am excited to see where this leads!! Now I’m a little afraid of becoming a sex-maniac though….I already am oversexed and make inappropriate comments all the time! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Eli

    I was on 10mg of Paxil for about 6 years until about 3 months ago when I started weening off of it by now taking only 5mg a day instead of 10mg. I now have no sex drive whatsoever and can hardly keep an erection. Does anyone think this could be attributed to coming down on the Paxil? Does anyone have a similar story?

  • Adam

    I am bipolar and recently have had SEVERE depression. I wanted a medicine that would make me happy and not have sexual side effects. I was put on wellbutrin and my sex drive DECREASED. I can not even get an erection. I have only found one other person on the internet who has had the same problem. What’s wrong with me?

    • Adam, even though wellbutrin/bupropion is shown to be likely to increase sex drive (and that itself is SIDE EFFECT NOT THE INTENDED EFFECT of the medication), that doesn’t mean that EVERYONE should be experiencing the same side effect! When I was prescribed wellbutrin, I developed a horrible itch all over, and had to stop taking this drug. This isn’t a common side effect, and there was nothing “wrong” with me – just as there is nothing “wrong” with you because you have experienced a particular side effect with this drug. It just means we respond to the same drug in different ways. If it bothers you enough to the point where the relief of severe depression is being compromised by a new concern with this sexual side effect, I’d discuss with your doctor about what he or she could recommend.

      • Becky

        My dr. just prescribed Wellbutin to me FOR THE SIDE EFFECT. I am a 57 year old female and was explaining to my dr. that I have no desire to have sex at all. I do not have depression or any of the other problems that has been commented on. I have been taking 150mg once a day for 2 weeks with no change in my libido. I was wondering how long before I might notice a benefit to taking this drug?

  • Linda

    I am 35 yrs old and i have always had an average to low average sex drive. I started taking wellbutrin 150 mg for depression, lack of motivation, and lethargy. within days of starting it i noticed an increase in my libido. a few weeks later my psychiatrist increased my dose to 300mg and my sex drive has gone THROUGH THE ROOF!!! i NEEEEED to have sex every single day! the horniness begins sometime in the afternoon and by the time the night rolls around i am all over my husband! even after i orgasm and we are finished, i STILL feel like i want more! its nice to have an increased sex drive but this is boardering on nymphomania!!! (my husband is not complaining though!)

  • Marta

    I started taking wellbutrin only 5 days ago and I already feel MUCH better. Not calm though…hyper but happier!!! How long should I take it for? Is it highly addictive?

    • Marta, I am glad to hear that you are experiencing relief from the treatment; I’d defer to your physician, who would be best to help you decide the proper length of treatment. When you say addictive, you may be asking about the potential for dependence or withdrawal symptoms (2 sides of a similar coin in addiction) – again, questions to ask your doctor – the wellbutrin product insert would have that data.

  • BJ

    I was on Paxil for 10 years for OCD and depression and had zero sex drive. In order to have an erection and have a “good time” I would have to go off of Paxil for the weekend. I weaned off of it and was put on a once a day 100 mg dose of Wellbutrin. Since being on the once a day dose of Wellbutrin, my sex drive is even less than it was when on the Paxil. I feel good on the Wellbutrin and only have anxious moments every once in awhile. I talked to my pharmacist and he suggested that I talk to my doctor about increasing my dose of Wellbutrin, that may help with the periodic anxious moments and zero sex drive, what do you think Dr Jane? I would really like to get my sex drive back!!

  • Dan

    Some of the posters to this thread seem to think that wanting sex every day, or being attracted to people that they encounter during the day, means that they’re out of control, deviant, or addicted to sex. In my opinion, they just have a healthy sex drive, and sexual addiction means that you’re hurting someone, breaking the law, or ruining your life over sexual matters. I have had a similar, but slightly different outcome from taking Wellbutrin and wanted to share: I’m male and had difficulty reaching orgasm (but no erectile difficulties), but when I did the intensity was much greater than usual (and I wouldn’t complain about my “usual”). I literally would almost roll out of bed.

    • Anonymous

      “Some of the posters to this thread seem to think that wanting sex every day, or being attracted to people that they encounter during the day, means that they’re out of control, deviant, or addicted to sex. In my opinion, they just have a healthy sex drive, and sexual addiction means that you’re hurting someone, breaking the law, or ruining your life over sexual matters” – EXTREMELY short-sighted, at best…hypersexuality, as many posters have described, often leads to frequent and wreckless sex with strangers; unprotected sex, infidelity; socially-inappropriate sexual innuendo etc etc…the same as someone in a general mania might experience. I am going to get off of Wellbutrin due to becoming extremely sexually wreckless, as a result of it, which I have never experienced before, i.e. 3 partners in a week; 10 in 3 months…And I can tell you, although my reaction may have been on the extreme-end of sexual side-effects, it is not uncommon. – female, late 20’s MA Clinical Psychology

  • Michelle

    I am bipolar but usually have a very high sex drive. Prozac has always worked wonders for me and not effected my sex drive. I have been on 300mg of wellbutrin for a month now and i can’t orgasm. I dont’ get turned on like i used to. I am madly in love with my boyfriend. I am praying that maybe it’s just stress??!? But if it is wellbutrin, what are the chances and time frame that this will go away? I don’t want to change my med combo- i’m stable. But this is a really big problem?!? And now i can’t tell if it’s in my head or the meds…and stressing just makes it worse….

    • Michelle – your description links your change in libido with the addition of wellbutrin – did you talk to your doctor about this? If you’re stable then the med combo works, but not optimally if you’re dealing with this new side effect that obviously is stressing you out and affecting your quality of life. I’d encourage you to tell your doctor what’s going on and what may be done! Wellbutrin comes in released formulation as well, I’m not sure if that’s the formulation you’re taking; for the most part, the “extended release” may reduce some symptoms, but I don’t know if that would improve your libido change. It’s worthwhile to ask your doc!

  • Susan

    I am a 53 year old woman who has always had a healthy libido. Two years ago I was prescribed Lexapro for anxiety. Not realizing it was the drug, I suffered from weight gain, sweating in social situations, and absolutely NO libido. I finally told my doctor about the loss of libido so he switched me to BuPropion (Wellbutrin) In one month my libido is through the roof. I haven’t experienced orgasms this frequently or strong, EVER! Sometimes it’s so strong I have to take care of it right then. If my husband isn’t home I turn to “my friend”. Even though my husband and I are enjoying my through the roof orgasms, I’m thinking I might have to get off the medication because I’m afraid this “need” will take over my life.

  • Susan

    I forgot to mention I am on 150mg twice a day. Also for anyone who might be put on Lexapro, since I went off it I have lost weight, stopped sweating and oh yea…..my libido has returned 10 fold!

  • Susan

    As an update to my earlier postings, I have since reduced my dossage to 150mg once a day. Although my husband was REALLY enjoying my insatiable sex drive and I was REALLY enjoying my out of control orgasms, my life was turned upside with a constant need for sex! Now with half the dose, I still have a mesured increase of libido since switching to BuPropion from Lexapro but I can concentrate on life beyond orgasms!

  • jenny

    i am 34 weeks pregnant when starting wellbutrin , before taking it i had no sex drive problems in any way, we was having sex 3 times a day without wellbutrin , now it has increased and my boyfriend almost don’t want to come around anymore because i bug him for sex so much, and i even get angry if i cant get it when i want it, really it would be a nice side effect for someone having issues with sex drive , but for someone with a high sex drive already , poor spouses cause my man is scared of me now.

  • Jake

    I have been on Wellbutrin for 3 weeks and WOW…..my sex drive was excelent before…………but now I’m a walkin hard-on……….its kinda anoying

  • Russell

    I have been on 40mg of Citalopram per day for about the past year now; I have an immune disorder which I am also taking daily medication for; and, because of my strict Christian upbringing, I learned about sex through other, not-so-positive outlets. – I believe that all of these things have had an effect on me not being able to have orgasms with my partner(s). I focus so hard on trying to orgasm during sex that it often never occurs, and this makes the anxiety about sex even more unenjoyable!! I want to have orgasms again and not be anxious with my partner.
    My doctor is lowering my Citalopram to 20mg per day and I am beginning to take Welbutrin…But I am again anxious about adding yet another prescription to my list. Hopefully the Welbutrin will help out!
    By the way, is the side effect of losing libido after being on Welbutrin for a period of time due to the body becoming used to it, therefore having to continually increase the dosage?? That’s not ideal, either, is it??

  • Jana

    When I was younger, I was diagnosed with treatment resistant depression, among other things. After years of drugs, I was put on Welbutrin (450mg eventually) and it worked amazingly, it was the only thing that worked for me and I stayed on it for years. I didn’t really experience side effects with Welbutrin. I got to a point when I was quite stable and decided I was done with psychotropic drugs (not a really brilliant idea), I stayed off of them for quite a while. Recently my depression has come back and I was again put on Welbutrin (150mg to start). My sex drive has increased considerably. Pretty much any time my boyfriend is speaking to me I’m thinking we should have sex and about whether we’ll have sex later, in an almost obsessive way. When he’s gone, I get myself off at least 5 times every day. I had had a decent sex drive before when stable and when on Welbutrin (it was horrible when depressed or when taking other anti-depressants) but could not have sex daily and feel fine (though I think sex daily is kind of ideal), now I find myself feeling completely unsatisfied if I go a single day without sex. My boyfriend will even go to bed and I’ll masturbate as I can’t fall asleep feeling as sexually frustrated as I do any night I don’t have sex. Sometimes it’s great but sometimes it sucks as I know any boy with a normal sex drive wont be able to keep up with my Welbutrin sex drive.

    • Dan

      email me I think I might be able to help..

  • Susan

    After lowering my dose of BuProprion from 150mg twice a day to 150mg once a day I found myself feeling too depressed. So, about 3 weeks ago I reintroduced the second dose hoping to get the relief I needed without the extreme sexual side effects. So far so good. At this point the sexual side effects are tolerable AND enjoyable!

  • Steve

    I started wellbutrin this week after being on lexapro. The lexapro caused major sexual problems. How long will it take for the Wellbutrin to help if it is going to?

  • Jane

    use 300 mg daily bupropion sr(generic Wellbutrin). does increase dopamine, libido, depression gone after sad 50 years. married but husband is decreasing sexual feelings as he ages. problem is wanting orgasm frequently with no partner, but decreasing bupropion causes depression. reducing mg leads to depression. wish I had bupropion when I was 20. oh well, at least i am not depressed, even if sexually hyper all the time.

  • Scott

    I was taking Welbutrin for a few years following a tramatic event. During that time I noticed a decrease in sex drive which was fine in that it more closely matched my spouse’s sex drive. Now that I have come off of Welbutrin I encounter bursts of hightened sex drive (about 1/month for two days) that with is out of control. I would rather not experience this and keep control than have a sex drive my spouse cannot meet.

  • Susan

    I’ve now tried 300 mg of buproprion….too much increased libido, reduced to 150 mg….too depressed, increased to 300 mg….bad headaches, reduced to 150 mg….so far so good!!! All this over a period of about 4-5 months.

  • Jake

    I recently ramped up my Wellbutrin XL to 450 mg daily and after 3 days I’ve been having some concerning effects — libido is certainly raised but I’m seeming to experience hypersensitivity, to the point that I can have orgasms in seconds. This is extremely concerning as most men describe having augmented sexual performance, but at least each consecutive day has improved this problem.
    What I’m wondering is, if when the medication ‘levels out’, will my hypersensitivity?

  • Callie

    I’ve been taking Zoloft for about 10 yrs. My depression was under control but my ability to deal with stress was very low. My doctor suggested that the zoloft was not working to par and thought I’d do better on Wellbutrin. I’ve been on Wellbutrin for about a month. 5 days after I started the Wellbutrin I became quite ill with extreme chills, night sweats and headaches but no fever. This lingered for about 3 weeks. I was told that it wasn’t a side effect of the Wellbutrin. Since then I have had extreme loss in appetite to the point that I feel nauseous when I think about foods that I previously enjoyed. My sexual appetite has become numb and I have absolutely no desire for any physical contact with my partner. I thought it could have been due to my illness but now I’m thinking that its the Wellbutrin. The persistant numbness and nausea have become a great concern.

  • Dear Callie,

    If this is not due to side effects of Wellbutrin then you need to ask your doctor to “work you up” thoroughly and find out what is causing it.

    Just because a side effect isn’t listed in the PI (package insert/product information) DOESN’T MEAN THE SIDE EFFECT DOES NOT EXIST. Each one of us is different. When I was prescribed wellbutrin, I had a rash all over my body. Is that a “common side effect”? No. And the docs didn’t believe it was true, either, it was not listed prominently on the PI. But I had tried it 3 separate times – with generic versions AND brand versions – and got the same bad rash.

    My bias is that it is probably a side effect of the drug – but then again, I am going by little information here and I am not medical licensed and not authorized to dispense medical advice – so you can only trust this when a MD in good standing tells you.

  • lou

    Used Wellbutrin to help me quit smoking and help with a bit of depression at same time. It’s been 3 months. I am 36, have always had high libido, and was glad to hear that wellbutrin wasn’t likely to cause sexual side effects. It didn’t at first. Unfortunately, either the wellbutrin, or nature, is taking it’s toll. I wish I knew. I am going to stop taking the wellbutrin now, in order to see if my libido (and ability to reach climax) returns/increases. One reason I was depressed was the splitup of my family. Now that I’m seeing a new, hot!, girl, this is embarrasing and she’s concerned it may be her ! I used to be able to have sex 3 times a day… I’m guessing it’s the wellbutrin (fingers crossed).

  • Susan

    I have been back on 300mg of buproprion now for about 3 weeks. Feeling really good. Headaches have stopped, libido is wonderful but under control. So far, so good.

  • I have been on cipralmil for 4 years now due to Postnaltal depression. My love life with my husband is non existant as i cannot reach orgasm so i could not be bottered – GP suggested i swop over to Wellbirtrim as i does not have such severe side effects on libido. If i do this as i do suffer from depression and i probably have to be on some form of anti depressant for the rest of my life – how do i swop over and not loose the plot at the same time?

  • bbob

    I’m going to throw in a curve ball here. I’m a 57 y.o. single male and have not had sexual relations for the past 12 years. I have been on Paxil for the past 7 yrs. and xanax off and on for 16 yrs.
    I have 0 sex drive but am supposedly in good health and exercise
    regularly. All this talk about Wellbutrin has me thinking; do I want to stir something up that doesn’t really exist so I can need something I don’t have in the first place, that being a girlfriend for the increased libido that I might rev up. I just might experiment with this.

  • cindy

    after talking wellbutrin for 3 weeks my libido took over my life, the constant extreme sexual excitement and sensory bombardment were impossible to ignore and hijacked normal thoughts and interactions…attention to sex was imperative…i have taken myself off the medication in desperation although it is the only thing that has stopped my crying, grief, depression, physical inertia, etc…what a pity! even now, without taking the medicine for a week, I am constantly orgasmic, and hyperstimulated and so far today have had to masterbate 5 times! when will it stop?

  • Michael

    My wife and I had a fantastic sex life until about 10 years ago. Slowly her desire to have sex has deminished and a this point shhas no sex drive and that makes her even more resistant to attempt to “get in the mood”. She is frustrated and wants to have her previous sex drive back. She is not depressed, will taking Wellbutrin cause her any ill side effects?

  • Jessica

    I started taking Wellbutrin XL 10 days ago to help quit smoking. I took 150 mg for the first 7 days and then increased to 300 mg on day 8 and stopped smoking completely. So far, I don’t want or feel an urge for a cigarette so that is great. I have lost 6.5 pounds since I started 10 days ago, which isn’t a bad thing as I need to lose much, much more. I have noticed that I feel happier and because of that, have been more active both in and out of the house with my children.

    My husband, children, friends and co-workers have commented that I don’t seem as uptight or tense lately and that I am more happy and easy-going. I am enjoying life more. I believe that I was experiencing a little depression, as things have been very stressful both at work and at home so the fact that it is used to treat depression is an added plus.

    I take my meds in the morning, so I haven’t experienced and insomnia or problems sleeping. Oh yes, the libido that everyone is speaking of. All I can say is, “It’s baaaaack!” I have had issues with a decreased or almost nonexistent libido for about 3 years. The only time I wanted to have sex with my husband was during my ovulation time. So, we were only intimate 2-3 times per month MAYBE. Now we are back to 2-3 times per week and I just LOVE it (so does my husband). I don’t know if it will continue, but I haven’t experienced anything negative so far.

  • isthisforreal?

    I started taking bupropion FiVE days ago. twice a day. i cant tell u the dosage off hand. blue pills? holy cow i feel like i’m a teenager again with the libido and this is not a good thing!!!!!!!! i had a crazy hyper sex drive and was masturbating all the time, everywhere back then. now, i feel like i’m back to that. i can’t concentrate! i looked at porn for the first time in, probably 5 years today. i havent had much of a sex drive in 4 years. and now, this!! yes, this could be marketed for womens libido. but there’s no gurantee the wife’s gonna wanna have sex with her husband so be prepared for that!
    i’m going to start dating again.

    oh. i should say though. i was very seriously ill though. i’m bipolar II and was taking topamax 125 mg’s 2x a day. suicidal thoughts, crying spells out of control negativing thinking. then doctor added lithium and wellbutrin. i’m giggly and smiley and daydreaming about happy stuff and, hot stuff! lol.

  • John

    I am a late 30’s male. About 8 weeks ago I started on Wellbutrin XL 150 to quite smoking. My doctor kept me on the 150 for the first 4 weeks because of some side affects, then in week 5 raised me to 300 mg. Within two days there was sexual dysfunction as I could not get an erection no matter what I did. My the 6th day on the 300, I was able to go back to 150 because I was traveling and wasn’t able to contact the doctpr. Things started to work again with few days. A week later I noticed just being on the 150, I was starting to have a weak erection again. The doctor took me off it immediately. I have been off of the meds for 5 days and still no change. I have never had a problem with sex drive or erection. Now I am very concerned that this has ruined me for life. I have found other stories like this on the net from other guys so I wanted to post mine in as many places. Clearly they did not include this in their side affects. Being a very sexual person who is single and was used to having sex often, I am afraid to even go there.

  • donna

    took celexa for 9 yrs, dead sex drive for about 5 yrs.
    a week on wellbutrin xl, no libido so far, how long will it
    take. i know all are differnt, what do i do?

  • Shannon

    My husband was actually put on wellbutrin to counteract the sexual side effects of zoloft. Zoloft made him not want to have sex ever, then with the wellbutrin he is back to his old self!

  • Lisa

    I started taking Wellbutrin two weeks ago. I was on Effexor and barely had any sex drive, now I’m a walking hornball. WTF?

  • Jeff

    44 y.o. male. I have been taking wellbutrin for 5 weeks. I started with 150mg/day, then after a month, increased to 300mg/day (150mg twice daily). I am not yet convinced it is helping the depression, but it has definitely increased my sex drive. I get frequent erections (I mean high-school frequent!) and my erections are much firmer/stronger. Additionally, my orgasms (which I am having typically twice/day) are INTENSE and have increased dramatically in duration.

    Now, if the effect on depression is as remarkable, then I will pretty much classify wellbutrin a wonder drug.

  • Paula

    I’ve been on Cymbalta for a little over a month for minor depression, insomnia and migraines. I feel rested and wonderful. The problem is my sex drive. It was always a little sluggish now it’s non-exsistent. My doc added 150 milligrams of Wellbutrin 3 days to see if that would help. She wants me to continue with the Cymbalta because Wellbutrin may cause insomnia. So far I haven’t noticed any side effects. When can I expect to have a sex drive again? My doctor said to call her in 2 months if I don’t notice any increase. I’m a newlywed and would really like to rekindle things with my husband.

  • ricky

    i take trazodone 50 mg to sleep at night i get irritability and have headaches was placed on elavil 25mg that i take at night also. i want to quit smoking and the doc placed me on wellbutrin sr 150 a day is this to many med ? and will the work with each other im a military guy back from iraq please help before i start taking the elavil and wellbutrin sr

  • Susi

    My doctor just put me on Bupropion SR is there any difference between Wellbutrin (Bupropion) SR and XL ?

  • Susan

    I have been taking buproprion (Wellbutrin)for about 8 months. I had a tough start. TOO strong a libido & headaches. After changing dosage several times, settled on 150mg twice a day. Libido is perfect!! Still have headaches 🙁 But, the wierdest side effect is loss of appetite and extreme weight loss. Without dieting I have lost 12 lbs! I wasn’t overweight to begin with so this isn’t really a good thing. I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced this.

    • Shena

      H ‘iSusan, When I first starting taking Wellbutrin I felt great for months. Was taking 150 x 2. Recently i’m starting to see signs od depression again. I also lost weight had lots of energy. Everything is feeling bad again, any help would be great. Ty

  • Susi

    I have been using Wellbutrin for about 2 weeks almost, still no libido increase. How long will it take to get my libido back? Also I noticed to feel much better and joyful the first few days and now it’s a little bit decreasing again. Does it take some time till the effects show?

  • Susan

    Hi Susi, From my experience it will take a few weeks. How many miligrams do you take? When I started on 150mgs twice a day, my libido was through the roof almost from the start. I also felt the rise in “joyfulness” which leveled out quickly. But, as you can read above, I have had to make many adjustments to my dose. I recently stopped taking two pills because I have experienced extreme weight loss and night time sleeplessness. Good luck. I hope you get the results you’re looking for.

  • Paula

    Susi…it’ll be 1 month tomorrow since I’ve been on the Wellbutrin and no change whatsoever concerning my libido:( I also take Cymbalta which fortunately takes care of my insomnia, migraines and minor depression. My doctor told me to give it 2 months. I must say I’m disappointed. I was really hoping for the “horny” feeling other people talked about since the only reason I’m on Wellbutrin is to increase libido.

    • Question

      my friend told me about Wellbutrin because she takes it to counter the low libido effect of an antidepressant she is also taking (not sure which one). she told me how it helped her regain her libido, and i am wondering if wellbutrin can be taken with another drug ( propecia) that my boyfriend takes for thinning hair. it helped with his hair/confidence but it has completely wiped out his libido. he can only get an erection about once or twice a week and basically has no desire to have sex but our relationship in general is perfect besides this. when he wasnt on the propecia we had sex about 6 times a week so im confident it’s the propecia. does anyone know if it would be ok to take wellbutrin with propecia?

      • DAN


  • Mick

    I was on fluoxitine (Prozac) for seasonal effect disorder, mild depression, and panic attacks. My libido had never been extremely strong anyway but the fluoxitine killed it completely. i had a very hard time acheiving any erection and it was impossible to ejaculate. I am almost 60 and started to have wet dreams. Yee gods! My physician switched me to Bupropian and suddenly I have gone sex crazy. I have done things completely out of character like looking at porn, buying sex toys and have been planning all kind of sex encounters with my wife of 36 years. She thinks it is wonderful! I have this sexual timgle in my genitals and can start dripping when having erotic thoughts. I still have a hard time with the erection thing but I am also a heart patient and all 3 drugs I take are noted for sexual difficulties. I can honestly say, I enjoy the increased libido, but since this is to the point of me being oversexed out of character for me, I also find it frightening. I have also been buying a lot of sh*t I don’t need off the internet and am almost manic at times. I don’t know what to do. The bupropian helps me with my job. I can concentrate much better and get more done, plus I find my work much more enjoyable. I have a very hard time sleeping and I’m tired during the day. I don’t know what to do. The depression and mild panic attacks I experienced are gone, but this personality isn’t me. If there was something that anyone has luck with and not drastic side effects, please advise.

  • Mike

    I would love to feel the sex drive. I went to my psych having bad panic attacks. He gave me 100mg Welbutrin per day which I take in the morning. I am taking 3 .05 Xanax a day also which I will get off of as soon as the Welbutrin kicks in. This is my 8th day on it, and I can’t even get calmed down jittery wise. How long could these side effects possibly last. Can’t sleep well, jittery, sweaty, dry heaves in the morning. I have eaten 2 meals in the past 4 days.

  • Tom

    I did a google search to see if anyone else had the sexual side effects I was having. That is how I found your web site. I am glad to know I am not alone!

    On 300mg I did experience hyper sexuality. It was extreme for a couple of days and has leveled off now. It is still very apparent. I don’t want it to stop completely, but I do not want to feel the hyper sexually I felt those few days.

  • ej



    I was prescribed Wellbutrin for ADHD and experienced the symptoms you’re asking about, libido-wise. It continued through the entire time I took the drug. I was focused, organized…and…hyperlibidoed.

    Wellbutrin, man…that stuff is pretty sweet.

  • I’ve been given bupropion sr to quit smoking. I’ve been on it for three days now and found this website looking to see if anyone was waking up in puddles as I have. These meds seem to be blocking everything (anger, negative thinking, etc.). If I was horny I wouldn’t know it until my body showed me because it’s not in my mind. I am single and just the thought that I can’t use the extra lube irritates me! lol But as far as the smoking…this is the third day and I just smoked the last cig. I had and don’t have a desire to smoke another. How great is that!? I’m gonna take it for a month and I should be able to stop taking them. The only bad thing from these meds that I can tell at this point is that you can’t have ALCOHOL or CAFFEINE! But they both trigger cravings so it’s cool.

    ➡ I also have heard a lot about headaches on this blog. I believe it you drink a lot of water when you take this drug and stay away from caffeine your headaches might stop. But hey everyone is different. Good Luck!

  • Tom

    I have gone back and read all the earlier posts. I have a question. “gail m” mentioned on; March 28, 2009 at 4:42 pm, she has dopamine overload sometimes. She stops taking Wellbutrin until the “blinking” stops.

    I have for years had ocular migraines and have had minor blinking or as they are called, “auroras”. Since I have been on Wellbutrin, sometimes they are extreme. Gail was the only one who mentioned this. Has anyone else experianced this? Is it common?

    I must say, it would be a shame if I could not take this. It seems to be a wonder drug in other ways.

  • Hi Tom:

    I did a medical literature search on this and it appears that there has been one case report of visual side effects with Wellbutrin (bupropion).

    Unfortunately the research was published in spanish but fortunately the abstract was in English:


    Arch Soc Esp Oftalmol. 2007 Aug;82(8):521-2.
    [Anisocoria related to bupropion in migraine]
    [Article in Spanish]

    Vleming EN, Gutiérrez-Ortiz C, Teus MA.

    Servicio de Oftalmología del Hospital Universitario Príncipe de Asturias, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), España. e_vleming@yahoo.es

    INTRODUCTION: Bupropion is used to help people stop smoking. This drug can cause visual alterations but, up to now, its use was not associated with anisocoria.
    CASE REPORT: A 40 year-old woman with a personal history of migraines, presented with monocular mydriasis during treatment with bupropion. Both pupils dilated
    equally after a 5% cocaine test, and constricted equally after a 0.025% Pilocarpine test. The anisocoria disappeared after the treatment with bupropion was withdrawn. DISCUSSION: Bupropion inhibits neural uptake of norepinephrine and dopamine. Patients with migraine could have a minor unilateral sympathetic pupillary deficit. This deficit could cause hypersensitivity in the oculosympathetic pathway that could be stimulated with bupropion treatment. This feature could explain the mydriasis in our patient. Another explanation could be that bupropion could unmask a physiological anisocoria.

    It is very possible that you are experiencing eye-related side effects with the drug, even as this is so rare that the side effect may not be widely reported in medical literature.


  • Tom

    Thank you Jane.
    I will monitor it closely. It has not bothered me enough to outweigh the benefits so far. If I do stop taking it I will let you know.
    Thank you also for this site. It has been very helpful.

  • Marty

    I see you got no response but i am experiencing the same side effect. I started on 150mg and am now on 300 mg XL that I take in the morning. I have also experinced hypersenistivity to the point of orgasm with in seconds. I am going to reduce my dosage back to 150mg as I am also not sleeping well.

  • Jessica

    I have been prescribed 150mg/day Wellbutrin for clinical depression and have been taking if for two weeks now. So far it has not helped with the depression and I can’t orgasm! This has never been a problem for me, what’s going on!?

    • It usually takes more than 2 weeks for most antidepressants to work (docs may say give it 6-8 weeks) and for your body to adjust. However, if you find that your depression has not improved and have sexual dysfunction on top of this, speak with your doctor about what to do next.

  • John

    I was on 150 and everything was fine. Recently my doctor upped me to 300 due to SAD. Not only did my libido go away, I could not even get an erection.
    After experiancing an embarrasing moment, I took my pills into the kitchen and cut them all in half. My libido is now returning. It went away in three weeks and is slowly returning to normal.

  • Sunni

    I have been prescribed Wellbutrin xl for depression and anxiety. I took 150 mg wellbutrin xl for one month….felt much better after 4 days of headache and insomnia. Toward the end of the month I started feeling down again. My Dr had me increase to 300 mg 3 days ago….headache and insomnia are back and a little agitation, as well. I have not noticed any increase in my libido, but orgasm is more intense. I just want this headache and insomnia to go away! I want to feel like I did during week 2-3 on 150 mg.

  • Laura

    I just recently started Wellbutrin xl 150mg daily, and stopped my Celexa without weaning off. My MD said there was no reason to wean off the SSRI. But 7 Days into this change I am very, very agitated. I want to give it more time with the Wellbutrin xl to see if maybe it’s withdrawal from the Celexa that has caused this agitation. The Celexa took away all my desires for Sex and really put a strain on my marriage, and I am hopping the switch in meds will help with that. Can you withdraw from and SSRI if you don’t wean off, even though you are taking the Wellbutrin? It’s all I can do right now not to “bite” someone’s head off!

  • Laura, it’s possible that your agitation is not from Celexa withdrawal (your doc may believe you don’t need weaning off because there appears to be no study data that suggests the presence of withdrawal symptoms – it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen to you – it means the studies with other people have not shown this). Rather, your agitation could potentially be caused by the introduction of the new drug – Wellbutrin, which can have agitation as part of its side effects. It works on the dopamine receptors rather than the serotonin receptors, and you may be experiencing this side effect from activating those receptors. I’d definitely call my doctor and inform him of this side effect and ask that he either monitors you to see what can be done or provide suggestions for side effect management.

  • Kim

    I’ve been on various anti-depressants for the past 12 years. Most recently I was taking Fluoxetine . . . probably for a few years consistently. Noticing how deadened my libido was, I finally discontinued it a few months ago. However, the libido didn’t come back. After discovering this site, I decided to try Wellbutrin. I had taken it about 10 years before, but I have no recollection of any sexual side effects. I’ve been taking 150mg for the past 4 days and the insomnia is killing me. I take Clonazepam at night for anxiety, and since starting the Wellbutrin I’ve had to double my dose of the Clonazepam to get even a little sleep in before I get up for work in the morning. When I do awake, I’m so exhausted. I had to drink some caffeine today to keep myself alert. I also noticed during the first few days some body aches. I had just an all over feeling of yuckiness. My appetite is almost nonexistent now as well. I used to eat all the time. Now, my tummy will be empty and growling, but the thought of eating doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’ll manage to force something down to appease my tummy, but I don’t enjoy eating like I did before. My stomach also seems to be upset. I’m hoping these side effects don’t last, because I don’t know if I can handle it much longer.

    • Hi Kim, it sounds like your management strategy for the libido is wreaking havoc on other important physical functions (sleeping and eating!) that are critical in your management of your mental health… this means an immediate appointment with the doctor and discussing what’s been happening, and how the side effects may in fact be out-weighing whatever “benefits” of taking Wellbutrin you may experience. There may be appetite related side effects of this drug that you are experiencing, and again, when you talk with your doctor, do not forget to mention any and all new side effects relating to sleep, appetite changes, and this general malaise you are experiencing. There are other ways of managing sexual side effects besides Wellbutrin and ask your doctor for other options if you cannot tolerate this drug. Best wishes, Jane


    I’ve been on Wellbutrin Sr twice a day for like 2years, and my depression is gone, although I do have the classical symptoms of wellbutrin, e.g, insomnia, anxiety, etc. My libido was increased at first, but lately, it’s gone, and so’s my erection. I have lost interest in sex with my wife, but think of other women all the time. Is this a psycho thing or it’s the medicine?!!

    • You will need to ask your doctor for a way to help you differentiate between an organic (or physical) side effect from your body tolerating / adjusting to the drug, versus something psychological as well. I’m wondering if your thinking of other women all the time is related to the anxiety side effect, when we’re anxious we fixate on certain things as a way to cope with the anxiety, and sometimes it is not a productive coping strategy. I’d make an appointment to talk with your doctor about these changes you’re noticing and to address your concerns ASAP.

  • Hi, I had gastric bypass surgery (6 years ago), a couple years ago I had to have my ovary removed due to a tumer growing on it and had had a hystorectomy 10 years ago. Since my ovary removal, seemed like the very next day, my sex drive disappeared. Was reading about Welbutrin and the increased libido. Was wondering if it would work for me regarding my gastric bypass and which should I take the SR or XL?

    • I’m not familiar with the interaction between Wellbutrin and your body post-gastric bypass surgery, so this is something that your doctor needs to carefully monitor you for. Also, having ovaries (or any organs responsible for producing sex hormones) removed can impact sex drive, and whether Wellbutrin will have an effect will depend on HOW this drug influences the various pathways of libido – something that is very complicated and I have a feeling that even the “experts” who study this may have a tough time deciphering. I’d be concerned about the effect of Wellbutrin on your post-surgery body, though, and I’d talk with your doctor to discuss some strategies that help your sexual drive due to ovary removal, while paying close attention to your having the gastric bypass.

  • Hi Jane,

    I am a 53yr old male who is on 30mg of Cymbalta. I didn’t have any libido and orgasms were pretty much non existent. In order to counteract the sexual side effects he prescribed 300mg of the generic Wellbutrin XL. Not much of a difference, but when I went up to 450mg wow!! My libido is going through the roof! After being on antidepressants for many years it felt so weird. Trying to find a sensible balance. What do you think?

    • Hi Manny, you may want to discuss with your doctor what you mean by “a sensible balance” and whether your experience is due to a short term effect of increasing the dosage – if so, this libido increase may start to even out once your body adjusts to the increased dosage of the drug. But I’d want your doctor to monitor you for this and other side effects, since you are combining 2 different antidepressants. Best wishes, Jane

      • Hi Jane,

        Saw my doctor today. He suggested alternating the wellbutrin XL (generic) to find a balance between a very high and low libido. I will try 300mg one day and 450mg the next and so on. The 450mg a day gives me such a very high libido. He doesn’t know if the 450mg a day will eventually level off so my libido isn’t so high. What do you think?


        • I know that sometimes doctors will try different strategies of dosing a drug to modulate the effect of that drug on the patient, so alternating drug dosages or “taking drug holidays” (deliberating missing 1 dose) are such dosing strategies to see if the patient can tolerate the drug better than otherwise.

          I’ll have to go with your doctor on the “don’t know” answer – he’s still at the point of figuring out what will work with your unique chemistry and body tolerance to the drug, so proactive communication with him on what you experience will be important to help him determine whether the strategy can work. Also if you are taking any additional supplements/vitamins, other meds, it’s important to note for him that you’re taking these and when you may be taking them.

  • Peter

    I’m a 57 year old male married for over 35 yrs. I’ve always had a strong libido, but never thought of myself as abnormal. She has always had a weaker libido, and this led to the usual disagreements. After a rough period a couple of years ago, I began taking wellbutrin, 150mg then increased to 300mg.In the last year my wife and I both noticed an increased interest on my part. She has begun to yield more often to my persistence, and her experience has improved as well. We engage more frequently in sex, but still probably less often than average. WE also have engaged longer and in more varied ways and she is now experiencing more frequent and intense, and sometimes multiple orgasms. However, I have also begun to use pornography and focused our netflix diet on steamy romance to the extent she has begun to think I am becoming obsessed or addicted. She was also put on wellbutrin during this same period, and likes the general effect and incidental weight loss, but hasn’t noticed increased libido, even though she indulges me more often. Today after reviewing this blog and comments, we discussed decreasing my dosage from 300 down and increasing hers from 300 up, to try to get our libido’s to match. We also noticed she is taking a generic while I am taking the real thing. We decided she would start taking the same brand as I do and we’d try to eliminate that differential before we try to increase hers and decrease mine. If there’s no change, we are going to try to increase her dosage and decrease mine. My question is, shouldn’t we try to change only one dosage at a time? And if so, should we try decreasing mine or increasing hers first?

    • It depends on what you want to measure – because you are each different people, you can both make changes and still be “changing only 1 dosage at a time”. Because you’re changing 1 dosage for you, and 1 dosage for her.

      Let’s say that she tolerates the generic-to-brand switch well, her depression is under control, she is generally tolerating the side effects of the drug, AND you have the blessing of the physician(s) treating your depression symptoms. it’s really a matter of you mutually deciding the sequence of dosage adjustments.

      Please keep us posted and I wish you luck –

  • Daniel

    32 y.o. man.

    I’ve been on Wellbutrin XL for the last year for mood swings (including anger fits) and for lack of sexual interest. I started at 150 mg, went to 300 mg after a week and then 450 mg after 6 months.

    It has clearly helped me stabilized my mood and my waning libido. I’ve had some other side effects like vivid dreams, dry mouth (only the 3 first months, took sialar for it) and insomnia (took trazodone for a while but it was too hyptnotic for me and I ended like a zombie half the time). The norepinephrenine reuptake inhibition does wonders on the level of energy, as long as I stay well hydrated and fed. I managed to lose 25 pounds in 3 months when I have put my mind to it (eating well).

    For me, the libido increase is present, persistent and is dose dependant. In fact, it’s now stronger than ever, 6 months after starting at 450 mg. Knowing myself pretty well allows me to say that I now do things that I didn’t do before which include : watch pornographic material even if I had stopped for the last few years, buying sexual toys for me and my girlfriend, masturbating at weird moments (work, after going to bed because the libido was too strong and had to if I wanted to sleep, only 5 minutes after having sex with my girlfriend…), etc. I enjoy all of this but I need to keep focus so that it doesn’t put me (or my girlfriend) in trouble like trying to watch porn at work or flirting too much or buying too much.

    The orgasms are stronger, deliberately more frequent (shorter refractory period) and longer. At some times, they are almost debilitating… almost. And, to confirm what 2 or 3 men stated above, I orgasm more quickly and more easily, which for me is in about 4-5 minutes compared to a bare minimum of 10-15 minutes before. Dopamine is an orgasm facilitator which explains this (check it out on the Internet, it’s quite interesting). I also am way more aggressive/manly in bed with my girlfriend. Not in a bad way mind you.

    To put more icing on the cake, only the slightest stimulation (proximity, caress, sexy image or video, a kiss, a grope…) can create an avalanche of erotic sensations. Even the vivid dreams have more erotism in them which can lead to erotic feelings or simply “be there”.

    And last of all, I have random and pulsative prostate contractions when I am aroused. It doesn’t last or lead to ejaculation, heightened sexual pleasure or spontaneous orgasm. Just some contractions. I assure you that it’s a weird feeling knowing that it can do that, even if it’s totally natural.

    All in all, wellbutrin is quite the wonder drug for me. I’m stabilized, energized, libidozed and orgasmozed, even have a sharper mind. I have a bit of insomnia, some headaches, feeling faint at times, but it’s all worth it. Every second of it.

    I wish you all good luck and bid you all a good day!

    • Michael

      Daniel, thanks for your post. I am a 31 year old male. I started on 300mg of Buproprion SR a day (mostly to quit smoking) about a week and a half ago and I have noticed that I have less of a sex drive than before. In the last two or three years, my libido has been very high so it is odd to feel like the libido has gone down since then. Do you personally think that this side effect for me will go away? Thanks!

  • My experience has been somewhat different. I am a 57 year old gay man. Been on a number of SSRI’s since I had a major depression episode in 1996. Paxil make an orgasm impossible; Zoloft was a little better and Prozac and Cymbalta seemed not to bother me. Never had problems with premature ejaculation either before the SSRI’s or after. Went off the SSRI’s due to severe restless legs syndrome. Did decrease the intensity of the RLS. Went on Wellbutrin XL 150 mg at bedtime. Has not bothered my sleeping.

    I have suddenly found myself with a “hair trigger” in terms of climaxing. I have been pleasing a partner and climaxed with no stimulation to me at all. I do find that I am more interested in sex, but and not able to enjoy it due to the onset of premature ejaculation from the Wellbrutrin XL. I can literally masturbate to climax in 30 seconds which is no fun at all. Miss it taking 10-15 minutes as before. Do not even feel like sex with others because of the hair trigger. Has any else experienced this before when switching from SSRI’s or on Wellbutrin

    • Stevedave

      I’m 21 and seem to have had the same experience… find my name and read my post.

  • James C

    I suffer from dysthymia and have been too bothered by different side-effects of most medications to stay on many of them.

    I’ve been on Nardil for many years with good success, however the decreased sex drive and inability to orgasm caused me to seek a change. I just got into a new relationship and didn’t want to deal with these sexual issues, so I asked my Dr if we could try Wellbutrin. I took the immediate release verison back in the mid-90s and don’t remember how well it helped depression. I do remember feeling agitated, having insomnia and a very increased sex drive.

    I am now 57 years old, and have been on Wellbutrin XL for nearly a week, i increased to 300mg after 4 days at 150mg.

    So far, my depression seems worse, i have NO energy, and my sex drive is LESS than before I began taking it. I don’t know if it’s the XL which is different, but this feels nothing like i experienced before on the immediate release.

    How long should I wait until i begin to see:
    a. lifting of depression
    b. increase in sex drive
    c. increase in energy

    I am also taking Seroquel 75 mg to help me sleep.

    I would appreciate any and all feedback.
    Thanks very much – James

    • Hi James,

      Given that you were doing well on one antidepressant and switched and observed your symptoms worsen, I would tell your physician immediately, and have him/her monitor your progress until the point where you both decide either to stick with the change or explore a different strategy.

      I’m not sure if you had to take Seroquel before switching, but if not, your body is responding to 2 different new med changes plus the washing out of a drug that your body has known and tolerated for years and years.

      I’d call your doc and update your status. You may be told that it could take several weeks before your body adjusts, but it’s better that the doctor knows about these changes sooner versus later.

      good luck –

  • Lindsey

    I just started Welbutrin two days ago…I am 20, have absolutley zero sex drive, or energy to do anything. I sit and cry day in and day out because daily tasks require so much effort. I am currently on 40 mg of Celexa and have started taking 150 of the Welbutrin…I had read it lowers sex drive?? I guess I just wanted the full scoop on the medication!!

  • Anonymous

    I am a 25 year old male, and have been taking wellbutrin for depression on and off for 5 years. I had been taking effexor, and before that celexa, but on both of those medicines, it was almost impossible for me to maintain an erection or have an orgasm. I noticed that when I started Wellbutrin my libido not only returned to nornal but increased. I now take 450mg daily (the maximum dose) and I’ve never been hornier. I know I’m relatively young and should be having an active libido anyway, but (TMI, I know) I now masturbate 2-4 times per day every single day, like I’m 14 again (I don’t currently have a partner). Not complaining though, because Wellbutrin has made my depressive symptoms disappear almost entirely, and I suppose there could be worse side effects than horniness and lots of physical energy.

  • Anonymous

    To add to my above statement, I used to be an “Eyore” type of person, but now with a combination of Wellbutrin and talk therapy, I am actually one of the more cheerful, energetic people of my co-workers and my circle of friends. So Wellbutrin has really worked great for me. I’m sorry to hear that some of you have had bad experiences, but everyone reacts differently to different medications, I find.

  • DKTSgt

    I have been taking Wellbutrin and Paxil for the past 8 years and right now I have no sex drive. After reading the blogs, I wonder if the Paxil is to blame. I take 300mg/day of the Wellbutrin and 20 mg/day of the Paxil. How can I get the DESIRE back not only for me but for my wife and my marriage. When we are intimate, I have a quick trigger. I do masturbation to try to prolong erection, but have trouble keeping it. Help please.

  • chuck

    50 year old male: was taking citalopram and asked doc to change it due to Zero sex drive. Now I take bupropion and I take 150 once a day.. but Doc said to take twice a day.. I really do not want to be on meds so I take it once a day in the morn. I am experiencing a weird side effect… By the end of the day I feel as though I am in slow motion.. I also feel like I do on Sudifed.. very alert and another sensation is in my hearing.. I can not describe it, but will try.. I feel like I can hear the blood in my head.. not all the time but in intervals .. It sort of sounds like white noise on your TV set. or like when you close your ears with your fingers and you hear that low rumble or ringing.. like I said I can not describe it.. WHAT IS THIS? is it the drug wearing off? I have chose to start taking it twice a day as instructed. Is this normal
    As far as the zero sex drive.,.. I am happy to say it is somewhat back..maybe not full steam but something is better than nothing.

    • B. Shevey

      Welbutrin causes a sound in my ears especially when I lie down. It is like the sea pounding in my ears. It scares me because I have students who have permanent ear tinitis after meds. The 150 XL is mild for me, 100 SR 2X a day has more energy but causes insomnia, constipation and dry mouth. With the 200, I eat less and am more sexual but also more anxious and get skin rashes. Nothing is perfect!

  • beth

    I thought I’d try to see if anyone else felt this way. I figured I wouldn’t find anyone else experiencing this. It is crazy isn’t it! Same story as most, I have taken Paxil for years, actually doctor took me off bc of the sexual side effects! This has been wonderful!

  • Tina

    It makes me crazy, to the point of high risk behavior, for sex! I am like a whole different person (on a higher dose). It is good and bad. I’ve spent a long time with no desire at all. So it feels good, and kinda scary.

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  • Albert

    I have ben suffering depression for many years and tested Prozac, Anafranil, Zoloft, Cymbalta. But my doctor put mi on wellbutrin 150 mg and wow it’s amazing my libido returned and have stronger erections, I’m horny daily and for insomnia I’m taking Trazodone 200mg another sexual enhancer, I can masturbate many times a day, if I want. The thing is that everyone is different but adjusting dosages of both may libido come back.

    • troy

      I’m looking for your combination of results: sexual enhancement without insomnia. Masturbating more is appealing too. Do you have more details about your dosing, time of day, and is this a change in your libido?

  • Nicole

    I have been on Lexapro for about a year now, I used to be a very sexual person to begin with, almost as soon as I started Lexapro my sex drive was just dead. I don’t know how else to explain it. It also became more than just sex drive, I never even wanted to be touched by ANYONE! or ANYONE to be in my personal space. It made me very edgy & agitated. I have severe anxiety, manic depression, & slight bipolar… Sleeping was impossible before I got on Lexapro…. But that’s about all it helped & the dreams I had were unreal. Almost every night. My doctor put me on Wellbutrin today… I’m really hoping it helps me. Thanks for sharing stories.

  • Maddy

    I am a 40 year-old female who switched from Celexa to Wellbutrin last month, due to total lack of libido and also weight gain. My libido has come back in spades–I used to have a high sex drive but IT IS ALL I THINK ABOUT NOW. And I have lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks without exercising (had gained 15 on Celexa WHILE exercising).
    My biggest problem right now is that I “lose” periods of time, especially on the weekend. I also cannot concentrate and can’t remember from one minute to the next, what has happened. I feel like I am living in a dream-like state alot of the time.
    I also experience dizziness about two hours after I take my dose (I take one in the morning and one in the afternoon–not on the extended-release, but on the regular pill).
    Does anyone else experience the loss of time or the confusion?

    • kymidiva

      i thought i was just ditzy, but i’ve experienced the loss of time & confusion, too! i have to write everything down or it just won’t happen, which is kinda frustrating. i don’t know what i’d do without the calendar on my phone reminding me about everything.

      this website has been amazing, cuz even though i knew that the hypersexuality was somewhat normal on wellbutrin, i didn’t realize how widespread it is. too bad my husband goes to bed so early 🙁

  • Sue

    I was on Celexa, and hated the fact that not only was it not working, but my libido was almost non existant! Being just married at 55, along with menopause creeping up, was not a good thing! I complained to my doctor about frequent hot flashes, and sleeping too much, so she decided to try me on Wellburtin, as I weened off of the Celexa! Well, the hot flashes stopped immediately! My disinterest in sex was not something had I mentioned to my doctor, and she never mentioned that the medicine might cause a libido increase! Now that I’m completely weened off of the Celexa, and only taking the Wellburtin, my libido has skyrocketed! Unfortunately, since my husband works so much overtime, and my friend BOB had to help out, and he has, but now, I’ve gone down the road of viewing porn, which only makes it worse, and now BOB is working overtime! Now that I’m in realization of this, I will most definitely stay away from the movies, that only increase my appetite!

  • Stevedave

    I’m a bipolar 2 dude and for the longest while I’ve been on wellbutrin 100mg sr twice daily (one morning and one at night), 90mg of cymbalta daily, and depakote 500mg er twice daily like the wellbutrin… Sounds crazy but I’m crazy. So they weened me off the cymbalta and now I reach orgasm in like seconds. The orgasm doesn’t feel that great and on top of that the ride is like 100 times as short. I’ve never had a premature ejaculation problem so I can’t really identify if thats it. What does everyone else think?

  • jenifer

    i have been talking the drug wellbutrin for like 5 days now ..i wanted it so i can quit smoking ..and my sex drive has been off the charts..i never thought my body could feel like this ..i am glad to have read this page to see i am not the only one ..thank you

    • Leigh

      What dose of Wellbutrin are you taking? I would welcome the increase in drive.

  • Bridget

    It is good to read some positives about Wellbutrin. I have been on it for 17 days. 150xl. Not really noticing changes. Slight dizziness. I did loose 6 pounds but feel like I still eat alot. I have quit drinking my Long Island Ice teas becuz I am freaked out about the possibility of seizures. I was drinking alot becuz I liked myself better drunk. This is a weird transition. I have to like myself sober now. I have had some terrible life circumstances during these last 2 weeks so its not a fair judge to say wellbutrin is working or not. I am afraid to increase becuz I have not read many positives of increasing. One day at a time. I have appreciated reading everyones comments.

  • Kevin

    Dr. Jane,

    Help, I have met the Woman of my dreams, I am on Veneflaxene 150mg x 2 BID, I have the drive, desire, but I cannot orgasm. It is bothering her, but she knows that it is a side effect of a med. Fortunately, being a bit of a “giver”, I really enjoy giving her orgasm’s, as much as I like having them. Though, I am ready to give and take, and don’t like to see her frustrated and feeling guilty.

    Please let me know a safe combination dose that will allow me to orgasm with her.

    • Hi Kevin, it’s wonderful that you have met the woman of your dreams! I’m sorry that there are side effects to the venlafaxine that has caused a bit of a bother to your significant other. I’d recommend that you talk with your doctor about this and see what he or she suggests you do. I may also look into couple therapy so that you can also focus on the relationship aspect in addition to the medication therapy, and the therapist may have strategies to help with her frustration and guilt.

  • Kola

    I have been on 60mg of Cymbalta for about 6 years. My Dr. switched me 1 week ago to wellbutrin per my request as the cymbalta has put weight on me like crazy. I am now up to 300mg and am feeling very hypersexual !! I am a middle aged woman who is married but we have not had sex in 6 yrs. Well, I didn’t really care much because I didn’t feel like it myself but recently with the wellbutrin I feel like geting layed !!
    Don’t know what to do but am enjoying the arrousal…

  • lola

    i actually found this page because i woke up last night in the middle of a sexy dream and was actually trying to get myself to come– in my sleep. to say that is highly unusual for me is an understatement. i have been on wellbutrin sr 300 mg for ten days. my partner and i have been together for years and are usually more quickie in the morning types, and have been doing things (thanks to my bizarre cravings) that are totally out of routine.

  • Lucia

    I have been on bupropion extended release sr 150mg twice a day.
    Have been taking them for 30 days now and I feel great. I actually have control of my emotions and don’t feel like I am riding a roller coaster.
    I am very, very horny all of the time. I orgasm 3-5 times a day now everyday. Then when I go to sleep at night I have a sex dream every night. This has been a very entertaining month. lol

  • Karr

    I’ve been looking for information about Welbutrin/Bupropion affecting a person’s sex drive positively, and I’m so surprised how little info there is about it. It seems like this should be more well known, and it’s really weird that it is not listed as a possible side effect. I’ve been on 150mg bupropion 2x a day. My husband and I have pretty decent sex pretty regularly, but the meds have made it even better. At first I noticed arousal from him just touching my feet (which has never been arousing or attractive to me) and it was in a completely non-sexual way. We were just watching a movie and my feet were on his lap. The best thing so far has been having way more erogenous zones, and I have been able to even reach orgasm without any below-the-waist stimulation at all. I’ve had a few negative side effects, so it’s nice to have something good to balance it out while I wait for the bupropion to do its thing.

  • David

    I’m 31 bi male who has a problem. I’ve always been a shy (more during my teens) person who can get nervous easily. Throughout my late teens to mid 20s, rather than exploring and developing my sexuality with a partner, I took the easier way out and got into porn and masturbation. Towards my late 20s I began to try sex with partners. In all encounters I could never reach an orgasm. I’d get nervous, anxious, distracted and could never hit the threshold. I can masturbate myself to climax in minutes but with say vaginal sex I just go on and on until I stress myself out and go soft. I believe its psychological and from what I’ve read is very hard to fix. It’s almost the opposite of premature ejaculation. Researching this condition I’ve come across lots of advise. No certain fixes but methods to help. One of these includes the use of Bupropion along with an ED drug. The idea is that Bupropion can boost sexual desire and push towards (hopefully push through) the climax threshold by playing with Dopamine levels. I was wondering if people can relate to me and if they have used Bupropion to even mildly treat a similar condition? From what I’ve gathered, in some cases Men simply become more hornier. I’m stoping masturbation and porn but years of both has left deep effects – I just want o climax without needing to watch a porn and have certain grip. Can Buropion help?

  • STarlett

    Yes yes yes it does. The slightest move you make can cause you to just stand in place and get one. ME writing this making me want one but I must say that it really doesn’t help me with My depression.

  • Carol

    Hope there is someone out there that can give me some feedback. My husband of 19 yrs has had a form of ED all our married life. Eventually after 3 years of Hell he has been diagnosed with Bipolarand is on meds. We have only had sex 2 this year and it has been heartbreaking for me as he has just not been interested. Today his Phyc prescribed Wellburtin, will this make him interested in me again? The other question is, it has been so long, will I be able to become arroused again? I enjoy sex like anyone else, but am worried , that he will get his libido back and I will have nothing to offer. anyone have any help?

  • Kay

    I am on my 4th week of bupropion sr and was prescribed it for my bi-polar….first off I felt extremly horny all the time…now not so much. I recently though just started itching about 2 days ago but only on my hands and feet…im scared though to tell my doctor as its off and on and not really that bothersome because I dont want her to take me off these meds….maybe this is something that will pass….I hope so….Should I tell my dr though?

  • Aric

    I am 41 years old. If your husband responds to Wellbutrin like i did, he will go from being horny once a week to wanting it 3 to 5 times a day. I feel like I’m 18 again!

    Good luck! 🙂

    • Carol

      Hi Aric

      Thanks for your reply to me , Could I ask you the Question, How long before you felt different and the change happened.?

  • Elle

    Goodness gracious, this thread has been very helpful tonight. I just started taking 100g Wellbutrin for mild depression about 12hr ago. I felt fantastic today, except that I noticed that my sex drive seemed to be stronger, which isn’t a great thing being a sex addict married to someone who I suspect has some sort of sexual dysfunction because his libido is non-existent. Usually in this situation, he falls asleep while I roll over in tears trying hard to talk myself out of being aroused so that I don’t turn to porn/masturbation. Never works, though. I just fall asleep sad or angry. But at this very moment I feel… strange.. because I’m super aroused and feel like I should be sad/angry, but I’m not. Maybe this is a breakthrough in my depression? Now only problem is, my mind is racing with conflicting thoughts of wanting to get myself off and wanting to fight it. I feel almost nuts, like I’m pacing back & forth in my own head. So now what? Ugh.

  • Molly

    I need some advice on this. I am taking Topamax and Lamictal both for the anxiety reasons and also 450mg of Wellbutrin XL. I was given the XL because I was complaining of some weight gain or feeling hungry a lot. I cant say that the Wellbutrin has curved that.
    My main concern here is the loss of libedo. I’ve researched this and it looks like the Topamax and Lamictal both zap that. If I were to increase my 450mg to 600mg per day would that help with my sex drive? (Possibly some weight loss that cant shed, the last 10 pounds of course!) Its caused so many fights with my husband and I and having sex 2x month I know isnt right.
    What do you think about the increase = better sex drive?? Also, when increasing it how long does it take to feel the theraputic effects of it making the jump being that I’m already on it?

    Thank you so much!!

  • jen

    i am a 26 yr old medical student who started taking wellbutrin extended release 150 mg daily 5 days ago. i feel less depressed but i have been constipated and i cannot orgasm from using a vibrator. i took prozac a few years ago for a couple months but didn’t like it as it made me zombie like and i couldn’t orgasm whatsoever on it. i haven’t had sex in over 4 years and want to start dating again but it doesn’t seem likely that’s going to happen anytime soon. it seems like i need to give the med more time but i wondered if anyone on this board had issues like i do.

    • ella

      hello I have to agree i have had the same experience and i was wondering if I was the only one who has experienced this…thank you for sharing..I was wondering if it ever leveled out as the weeks go on..

  • Sara

    I have taken Wellbutrin, sl for about 3 weeks. Since then I am sooo horny it is insane. I am doing things I have never done b4. I have done oral s*x and am really close to losing my virginity. I am watching porn so often and this is after never looking at it once in my life.
    I am really emb to tell my dr though. And I like being on the med since it’s helping me. Not depressed anymore.
    Any ideas of what I can do?
    Thanks in advance!

    • It sounds like the drug is helping your depression but I’d still recommend you talk with your doc about the side effect; if you’re not comfortable talking with the doc is it possible to speak with a nurse about this?

  • Anz

    I have been on Wellbutrin XL, 450 mg daily, for more than 4 years and just recently started having problems reaching orgasm. I understand from other comments that Wellbutrin produces the opposite side effects for many others. However, I can’t find any other reason for my anorgasmia. Wellbutrin has helped with my depression, but not entirely so my doctor prescribed abilify in conjunction with my Wellbutrin. I stopped taking the abilify several weeks ago and my lack of orgasm hasn’t improved. Has anyone else experienced this with Wellbutrin or abilify?

    I feel like I’m running out of options and I’m becoming increasingly frustrated. This is only worsening my depression.

  • Danny

    I recently got caught cheating, after i got caught we were trying to work it out and we were having sex more than ever. but then the thought of her leaving me and me losing my family. i became very depressed and would get stomach pains throughout the day and all of a sudden i couldnt perform during sex. i would get erect but would go soft in the middle of the act. i am still sexually attracted to my wife, but my sex drive has seemed to decrease. my dr prescribed wellbutrin for me. i got the generic brand called bupropion 100mg.. i have been taking one daily in the morning for 5 days now, but i still have problems keeping a erection. after reading posts on here im wondering if should i increase my dosage?

  • Beth

    I am back on 150mg of wellbutrin xl after a 2 year break (used to take 300mg) from it where I took Prozac. Prozac killed my sex life and I’ve always had a struggle orgasming. Wellbutrin gives me a high sex drive and easy orgasms and I love it and NEED it for that, but it makes me really agitated and bitchy and causes insomnia. The agitation and insomnia are terrible and I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to manage them and reduce these 2 ugly side effects. I am desperate to stay on wellbutrin to get my sex drive back because without it I have absolutely zero.

    Can anyone please, please help me??

  • Scott

    I’m on 300 mg of Wellbutrin XL and I have to say that I am completely and totally horny all the time. This has its good and bad sides. Orgasms are about 10 times more intense. I wake up hard every day. My girlfriend says that my erections are 10x more firm and that my penis has grown. In short, I love it. The problem is that sometimes I have to masturbate 4-5x a day and even that doesn’t see like enough.

  • Tj

    I’m a 16 year old male and when I was first prescribed this i was taking 150mg extended release. The first thing I noticed was a unusual glow and feeling of happiness within 1hour of taking it and lasted maybe 2-3hours slowley diminishing the effect. I would laugh and joke uncontrollably and I would make others laugh but they would always ask me if I was “high” and I could really answer that. But I only felt like that for 5days then I believe my body has been used to it. After that the sexual increase was HUGE. I have a girlfriend and we fool around but if I wasn’t with her daily I would feel so much energy and urges I felt like my stomach and head would explode(not actually explode tho..). It doesn’t bother me much bc of masturbation and all but on some days I can go up to 5x daily its a little weird lol. Its helped depression along side remeron. I will NEVER touch ssri ad’s they are nothing but money makers. I highly recommend Wellbutrin and Remeron. Both balance each other out Wellbutrin = energy Remeron = sleep.

  • christine

    i woke up this morning and googled “masturbation addiction wellbutrin”. need i say more? 😉

    my doc switched me from lexapro to wellbutrin because the lex made me gain 40 pounds. i have anxiety disorder and depression. the lex was great for the panic attacks but made me fat. 🙁

    i’ve been on the wellbutrin xl 150 for 2 weeks and i am continually aroused. my bf can’t keep up with me – i had to go buy a vibrator for the first time in my life! i’m a little more anxious but have started to lose weight. i’m not sure the sexual side effects are a bad thing….yet.

  • Jess

    I have been on a variety of depression/mood stabilizers. I was on lamotrigine and bupropion for about 3 years. I used to have increased libido but then all of a sudden it decreased considerably … I got hurt and ended up passing out but it looked like a seizure, so they took me off bupropion. I am now almost annoyed when my bf (of 4 years) wants to have any intimacy at all. I called my doc and she said I should start bupropion again. I have been taking 100 mg and am going to take 200 tomorrow and continue with that… but what if this doesn’t work either because my libido was low before I stopped it again? it’s starting to hurt our relationship and I don’t want that. any ideas?

  • omg

    I am a 40 year old male that has always had a high sex drive. I recently visited my doctor for some anger issues and she said it was stress, mild depression, and add. She put me on Wellbutrin XL.

    Told my wife about it and she researched it and found this side effect befote i took the first pill. I have been on it for 5the days. I definitely notice the tingling sensationdown there and feel like i am constantly dripping. Everything makes me horny and i would have masturbated to everyones posts but i am at woek! My member at present feels like it could explode atany moment. I love this stuff!

  • omg

    Ok, stress doing well, no anger or moodiness…and ot is really getting interesting! Night 5 went to bed at 10pm. Let the tingliness and other feelings do as they pleased with me for about 25-10 hours and couldnt take anymore so i relieved myself. Forgot to note that it was my wifes first day on wellbutrin…about 2am noted she was breathing heavy (good dreams? )..woke her up for sex and she obliged…and was she was really ready! Day 6, up at 7530 am and had a really fun shower (alone). 1 hour drive to a meeting location and the feelings takeover while i am driving…if i had to describe it i would call it mini orgasms – a feeling of sudden elation followed by a feeling of relief and there is proof that something happened! Had numerous (maybe 10) mini orgasms during the drive ranging from 1-5houston minutes apart. Same thing on the return trip. Thinking about stopping by my house before returning to work to relieve myself again. Intensity and duration of my orgasms have both increased several fold. I definitely feel addicted to orgasming and dont want to stop! Hope my wifes dose kicks in quickly…cant wait to tell everyone about that sex! Has anyone else had this level of intensity or mini orgasms??? Does anyone else get turned on teading everyone elses posts or while writing their own? I love telling all and want to hear more from everyone. We should have a wellbutrin co

  • omg

    …conference!!! Sorry, got distracted…sure you can understand after reading my last post…

  • Abby

    I started Wellbutrin 4 weeks ago for depression. I have become extremely oversexed in the past few days, chasing my boyfriend around the house for sex, which I seem to want all the time now. It gives me some insomnia at the 300 mg/day dose, but I am not tired. My depression is completely gone. My boyfriend loves this drug. I have always been oversexed, but at age 30, Wellbutrin is just the thing my sex life needed! I wonder if the hypersexuality lasts, and if Wellbutrin is safe during pregnancy if all the sex makes me get pregnant.

  • Kelsey

    Dear Jane,
    I am currently taking citalopram (celexa) and it seems to work okay. I am 19 and before I was on antidepressants I was having an orgasm fairly easily (sometimes twice in like 3 minutes). Now I have been on citalopram for a month and since the night I started it I have only gotten one 🙁 this is very frustrating for me as everyone else seems to agree. I tried taking ginko biloba but it doesnt seem to do much good. Do you recommend welbutrim? Would that give me back my orgasms? And also I have been sleeping excessively (until 3 in the afternoon sometimes). Could that be a side effect from citalopram?

  • thomas

    Last year I spent 12 moths on Prozac trying to stay awake. No sexual activity at all. A horrible, horrible year. Finally my doctor suggested a change to Wellbutrin. After reading about it, along with those great side-affects, I was really excited to try it. Unfortunately, although it helped my disposition, there has been no sexual pay-off at all, for 8 months now. Simply put, I can aim, but not shoot. Wellbutrin, as far as sex goes for me, has been a net loss. Anybody have a similar experience. Any suggestions to get the sex in gear again.

    Thank you.

  • Heather

    Dear Jane:

    I have been on Wellbutrin SR for about a week now and this is the second time I have been on it. I was prescribed it 3 months ago and discontinued 1 month ago. I was on 300mg upon waking and another 150mg at lunch. Now I have begun taking it again and have jumped right back to my old dosing- never titrated up from 150 to 300 to 450. I can feel my libido coming back, but I have pretty much NO appetite, pretty scary nightmares, and now am beginning to have episodes of anxiety and confusion. I am also concerned because I have read that one should not be taking more than 150mg per dose so, clearly, my doc has ill advised me. Is it safe for me to go to 150 in the morning then 150 at lunch? What do you think about the side effects I mentioned? I discontinued seeing my psych due to conflict of care (she made me out to be a basket case!) and am taking the same prescription which was re-written by my primary care doc.

    thank you very much!

    • Dear Heather: I think you need to find yourself a more caring psych ASAP, who can monitor you especially at the beginning when you’re starting the medication. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken it before and then discontinued and are taking it again. You still need to be closely monitored at the beginning, especially for how well (or poorly) your body’s tolerating the drug.

      The full prescribing information for Wellbutrin SR (apparently discontinued) in PDF format is here: http://us.gsk.com/products/assets/us_wellbutrinSR.pdf

      On the prescribing information, dosing is started this way:

      Initial Treatment: The usual adult target dose for WELLBUTRIN SR is 300 mg/day, given as 150 mg twice daily. Dosing with WELLBUTRIN SR should begin at 150 mg/day given as a single daily dose in the morning. If the 150-mg initial dose is adequately tolerated, an increase to the 300-mg/day target dose, given as 150 mg twice daily, may be made as early as day 4 of dosing. There should be an interval of at least 8 hours between successive doses.

      Increasing the Dosage Above 300 mg/day: As with other antidepressants, the full antidepressant effect of WELLBUTRIN SR may not be evident until 4 weeks of treatment or longer. An increase in dosage to the maximum of 400 mg/day, given as 200 mg twice daily, may be considered for patients in whom no clinical improvement is noted after several weeks of treatment at 300 mg/day.

      Obviously the dose your former psych has prescribed is way above “usual adult target dose”. I am very concerned that you have been given such high doses without properly titrating and allowing your body to adjust. How quickly can you check with your primary care, with the prescribing info (this you can download and print out) and discuss pages 26 and 27 of this PDF document? If your primary care doc talks about his “clinical judgment and experience”, you can talk about your personal side effect experience that has a significant impact in your quality of life and adherence to the regimen.

      I’m thinking of you — see your doc!

  • Danielle

    I’m in my late 20’s female smoker. I recently started taking bupropian on saturday October 29th, and I felt the increased libido the next day. I’ve been presribed buproprian to quit smoking and I’m taking 1 pill twice a day and each pill is 75mg. I see most of you are taking 150. I went from having close to no libido to very high libido in a day of taking the pill, so it has to be the bupropian. I havent had any other side effects, but but as of today I have been taking them for 3 days now and this is my first time taking any kind of pills like this.

  • Confused

    Hi , is there anyone who can help me with some answers. My husband has been diagonesd with bipolar and is on several different meds. He takes Serdep 150mg and Wellbrutain 150mg for his depression. He has now , just yesterday he was put up to up to 300mg Wellbrutin. Will this help the depression and better yet , will i ever have sex again as a year without is starting to take its toll, as it is causing me anxiety.

    Any advise or help will be welcome , I am desperate.

  • Horny

    I thought I should contribute to this thread. I was prescribed Wellbutrin SR (bupropion) for my depression a couple weeks ago. My diagnosis is Bipolar type II and generalized anxiety disorder. This is the second time I’ve taken it and I do remember it helping my depression very quickly with a dosage increase many years ago. I am also taking Buspar (Buspirone) for my anxiety. The doctor said that Buspar tends to increase the effectiveness of antidepressants.

    I came to this tread because I looked up Wellburtin and sexual side effects. I have been amazingly horny!! When not depressed I can have a ferocious appetite for sex but this is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I am tingling all day long. My orgasms are incredibly intense. Even after having cum all day I’m still so horny I need sleeping pills to sleep. I’m wearing out my husband but he’s being such a good sport. I’m not complaining but this is intense!

    It’s really helpful to read about all these other people who have had this same side effect. Now I understand what is going on with me. I would like to add that this doesn’t feel like hypomaina at all because I can focus and I’m not overspending. Honestly, I rather prefer this to the deep sadness and guilt I was feeling before. 🙂

  • John

    I’m a 39 year old male and I have been on a low dose of Paxil for about a year now(6mg). My libido and ability to orgasm is basically gone. My doc prescribed me 150mg of Wellbutrin to offset the Paxil, but I haven’t taken it yet and here is why. I am also taking a weekly injection of Cypionate Testosterone for low levels of T, and I read taking Wellbutrin lowers the threshhold of seizures which is a side affect of both Wellbutrib and Testelosterone replacement therapy. Has anyone taken Wellbutrin while injecting steroids for HRT-Hormone Replacement Therapy and if so, have you experienced any side affetcs. By the way I mentioned my concern to my doc and he said there wouldn’t be any problems taking them both together but readibg blogs on the web caution me otherwise. Plz help.

  • Misty

    Misty- I have been on Elavil since 2004 because my sleep study was so inconclusive that I was sent home in the middle of the test due to not sleeping. Dr. started me on 10mg and 1mg xanax before bed. That night was the first time I had ever slept all night. It was so great. gradually my dose was increased to 50mg. Still sleeping great, but I started gaining weight about 3lbs a month. I went from a size 5 to a 13.
    Dr. tried me on Topimax to counter act weight gain. I gained ever more. Next he put me on Phentermine, I lost 32lbs in 3 months. I’m still taking it and I’m gaining back the weight. Not sure what to do. Do I want to sleep and be fat or not sleep and be skinny???? 3 days ago Dr. started me on Welbutrin 100mg once a day ( I have noticed a increas in my libido) and weining off the Elavil. The first 2 nights went good. The 3rd night the night terrors started, but I still was able to go back to sleep after. I’m wondering if this is a side effect of lowering my Elavil that will go away or continue. Dr. said to keep taking the Phentermine with Welbutrin. I’m not sure how safe that is. Has anyone know anything that could help me decide?

  • owen

    wellubtrin is a dopamine reuptake ihibitor as well as a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. it is no secret that dopamine is essential for arousal in the brain.

  • Joan

    I was going through a really deep depression and my doctor recommended Wellbutrin. I have been taking it for one week and my sexual drive has increased a lot. Is this going to remain like that or fades away once I come off Wellbutrin?

  • doris

    I have been taking 150mg wellbutrin xl for close to 2 weeks and haven’t experienced any changes in libido…I need it back in a major way. I dont have any extra energy and feel sleepy after taking it. I have considered trying 300mg but wonder if it would make me more sleepy or give me the extra kick that I need to get up and moving.

  • Joe Kidd

    I have taken Wellbutrin since 1994 when all other anti depressants failed. I was told by Dr. Frank when I left “have fun with your sex drive”, he was a Dr of few words, never made small talk, asked if previous meds working, no? Then we try another, here is Rx goodbye. He made one comment over whole time I had seen him……..2 years? That was the “have fun with your sex drive” after Rx’n Wellbutrin. I was crazy with sex drive, I began to do odd behaviors, x-dress ONLY to humiliate myself and I was actually something to look at for myself……….I looked so sexy I had to release tension, it was one stocking first, then 2, then paint toes and open toe heels, then added the few additional things so I was totally humiliated, again all serving this increase in drive that needed to be fed. X-dress I read about as scared “what is happening?” and was quite relieved to see it is not mental illness, been done since beginning of time, 96% do it are Hetro sexual, and remain that way……..phew, I am not gay or bi………so it does not change your sexual orientation, just intensifies a hunger that has to be fed………………….I stopped doing the behavior when added lot of anxiety and sleep meds, it countered it to point I stopped all the crazy behavior. Now I have got off a lot of meds as failed liver tests and now am out of control in worst way again. I see my Dr tomorrow, I am very embarassed not sure what to say, when you get really an issue for Doctors nowadays also, they dump u, doctors only want to treat healthy people and forced upon them dying sick, they are terrible people in my experience(s)


    Yes been on this for 7 days now and WOW!! I’ve gone from no desire to total increased….i was on paxil way too long and didn’t realize how depressed i still was…thank you wellbutrin!

  • Diana

    Hey I have a question… I used to b on prozac for depression but my body got used to it and made me feel like I was swimming in sweat… But the doc put me on zoloft and my sexual desire went away completly and I wanna know is there nething I can switch to to get it back to normal my boyfriend thinks I dont like sex and thats not the case at all… Please email me! Thanks

  • AJ

    I have been on 300mgXL tabs of Wellbutrin for about a year and a half now and over the past few months I have noticed that I have this insatiable hunger for sex and I am single and it is driving me up the walls. It wasn’t like this when I first started taking the medication. I also take topamax but this is not a side affect of that drug. I was alone over the Christmas holiday and in a 48 hour period got myself off five times. I am at the point I am actually considering responding to strangers on Craigslist because I am so desperate to have sex with a real man. If I wasn’t worried I could get hurt in that situation I would have already done so and more than once. Has anyone had a change in their sexual desire increase this much after they have been on the drug after a year or so without a change in dosage? I am so confused about why I am so hot and bothered. I feel like what I would imagine it would be to be a teenage boy.

    • Harry

      I got horny after one 150mg on my first day

    • JJ

      I’m having the same problem. I’m single, conservative and don’t have time to deal with a long-term partner, nor the inclination to go find one. But the libido is out of control! I have found myself eyeing people up in parking lots. Yesterday I was in the store and about had an orgasm while in line. Crazy!

  • Bill

    I have been on 300 mg Seroquel and 150 mg Wellbutrin for almost ten years and have not had sex in two years. My wife seems ok with zero sex. I have put on a lot of weight and my libido is zero. Makes life barely worth living.

  • Harry

    I took burpropion sr 150 yesterday at 10 am. felt semi agitated, eye blinking, and body strong as if I was getting healthy. perscribed for smoking. woke up a couple of times, had dreams with personal control, I made my own choices rather than going with the flow. erection. Today I took at 7 am and went back to bed, had spent about an hour during the night watching tv till I turned it off and closed my eyes, meditated if you will. woke at 9 very horny. Its nearly 1pm now and im taking another 150. From what Ive read on this blog, I should stay away from porn, coffee and cigarettes. Thank you to all the honest, kind americans that need peace on earth.

  • Harry

    I usually write in a diary but Im writing here first. Day two, 150 at 7am. cleaned up and shoveled snow, 8in over night. Plenty of energy, deep breaths felt joyous. Coffee and TV, usually I smoke tobacco now but it doesnt taste that good. In fact I drank so much last night I should have a hangover, but I dont. I spoke with by brother on the phone about this and it dawned on me that I have been depressed and I realize a new lease on life with this bupropion sr. It blocks the depression out that caused my smoking and drinking. Im wondering how this evening will be. Ive got a feeling Im going to have to read or something.

  • Harry

    PS Slept very well, dont remember anything sexual, maybe the JD had something to do with it. A friend said tobacco and alcohol are depressants.

  • Harry

    Day 3, Lots of energy yesterday. Projects around the house, trim woodwork, insulation, storage spaces. I wanted to do more but what depression has done to my body wont let me move that well anymore. Yoga, I did yoga, I started when I was 13 now 58, I havenot done yoga for years.
    Slept badly. Tried to sleep at 8:30, TV had nothing. got up and back to bed an hour latter. UP again 12:30 and I dosed for hours at least 2-3 hours. I guess I got 6-7 hours. Not bad when I thought I am sleep deprived. I see myself in the mirror differently. Odd to see dark circles around eyes. People have said I looked depressed, now I see what they see.
    (bupropion sr 2/150)
    I got really aroused early in morning, had an affair/dream with a woman I admire in the neighborhood. Chased her around and it seemed very public.

  • Rick Dickensen

    I took Wellbutrin to replace my smoking habit. All I can say is that the initial side effect was uncomfortable (weird headache) is worth the massive orgasm I had. I never knew that men could have multiple orgasm until after two weeks of taking bupropion.

    From what I have heard, the drug increases endorphin release in your brain, which causes you to feel well-fed and satisfied. Increased endorphins has an indirect correlation to increased testosterone.

    Enough geek talk. It’s awesome. (short term memory is the only downside)

    • Harry

      The Multi-Orgasmic Man, Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava, Harper SanFancisco, 1996

  • Kristy

    I am a 35 year old female and I have just recently started 150 mg of wellbutrin XL generic today and I am really scared of the side effects. I suffer from depression and anxiety disorder with panic attacks, this causes to become easily aggitated and this is the main reason I am starting another antidepressant again. I also take 2 mg of Clonazepam a day. I have tried several SSRI’s before with good affect for aggitation and depression but had no desire to have sex or reach orgasm, I am hoping that this will not happen on Wellbutrin but I am very concerned with added aggitation as this I fear will only make things worse. Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated as i don’t know how more of this I can take.

  • Kristy

    Another ?, I don’t drink a lot but I do enjoy to have a 1-3 small glasses of red wine once a week is this dangerous or is it only large amounts of alcohol, don’t want to have a seizure!

  • Kendra

    My husband is on 40mg of celexa he has absolutly no sex drive and I’m going to lose my mind! The dr have him 150 mg of wellbutri its been over a month & nothing!!! I think out meds to b upped to 300mg someone anyone help!!!

  • JJ

    Wellbutrin has been a miracle drug for me. I have my life back and it’s wonderful. However, the increased libido is affecting me because I’ve started having spontaneous orgasms which happen randomly and sometimes in public. If I feel it coming on (no pun intended), I have to run to the bathroom or my car. I don’t know whether to talk to my doctor about it or not, because the drug is fantastic in every other way. I think the worst part for me is that I’m single. 🙁

  • Harry

    Day 5-12 have been great. I stopped smoking by day 7-8 and the temptation is only vaguely present as a habit of reaching for one has not totally subsided. I reach for books now. Ive decided to become more healthy and bupropion 2/150 has lead the way. I am having a visit to the chiropractor today because of pain in my leg. The pain is associated with PAD caused by smoking. I am so happy to have such a problem. When I smoked I was depressed, when I was depressed I smoked. It made me unhealthy physically and mentally. Thank you bupropion for leading me out of a 10 year rut of depression. Now I get depressed by other peoples problems and not so much my own.
    Sleep is very different. Dreamy, must be lots of REM sleep because Im energetic in morning, ready to hug a tree. My sex life is improving as is my health.

  • Kendra

    UPDATE OMG!!! My husband increased his wellbutrin from 150 mg to 300 mg & in 3 days for the first time in 11 weeks (we hadnt had sex in 11 weeks!!) We had sex for 3 hours!!!! NOW THATS THE MAN I FELL IN LOVE WITH 4 yrs agoago!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

  • LL

    I am a 68 year old woman and was prescribed Bupropion XL 150mg four weeks ago because of my anxiety. I have not been interested in sex for years. My husband has been very frustrated but patient. After taking this drug for four weeks, I started feeling a tingling and wanted to orgasm constantly, but couldn’t…until last night. I had five or six orgasms one right after the other. I didn’t know what was causing this at first but thought it had to be the Bupropion and then found this wonderful web site, which explained it well. Reading some of these posts have really affected me. 🙂 I just started on 300 mg this morning and am really looking forward to how this will affect my libido even further. This is a miracle drug and I hope it never stops.

    • Margaret

      I’m a 64 year old female. Widow of 4 years. Previous to that, my husband was unable to have intercourse for 10 years do to health issues. Had been on Paxil for about 15 years, but was starting to have problems with it. At this point I hadabsolutely no libedo. The doctor switched me to 150 mg Welbutrin in November and then 300 mg in December. I did not notice any difference until Super Bowl Sunday. While watching the game at the home of my boss, I almost orgasmed during the David Beckham commercial. Then I knew something was different. I have been masturbating and reaching orgasm at least twice a day since then. Thank you, thank you, thank you Welbutrin. Needless to say, I go about the day now with a smile on my face.

  • Parvathi

    I’ve been taking Wellbutrin (bupropion) off and on since about 2002. I originally took it as Zyban to quit smoking. This drug has had a positive effect on my life, though it sometimes makes me irritable so that I have thoughts of attacking people who bother me. I have overreacted to a lot of things when that’s the opposite of my normal personality. I did quit smoking, lost some weight, and I don’t feel fatigued and depressed anymore when I take the medicine regularly. I decided on the dose of 100mg per day with an extra 100mg some days. If I take more than that I get Zyban allergy, which is cysts under my skin and a rash on my chin that doesn’t heal. I also get a feeling like my veins are turning to cobwebs. I’m really not sure how else to describe it. Oh, I my heart seems to be racing when I wake up, I sleep lighter, my face gets flushed, and I feel like I have too much energy and euphoria sometimes. I go to exercise class and get a kind of second wind. Also I get hypersexual and start thinking about sex all the time, masturbating several times a day and visiting the swingers club, as well as bothering a boyfriend for sex too often. I have lost some friends during those times. I really dislike anonymous sex normally, so this is a big conflict. When I get jealous it’s really a struggle. I remember one time lying down at the end of a yoga class when I would normally feel relaxed. The teacher happened to walk by and asked me to close my eyes and relax. During the shavasana I had been glaring at the ceiling and thinking of all the ways I could injure my
    ex’s girlfriend. That’s what my mind on Wellbutrin was doing while on autopilot obsessing about sex and thinking up new ways to be aggressive. I realize that these are only thoughts, but I have acted out in ways that have been unkind and hostile or inappropriately sexual. Oh, yeah, and my orgasms can be hard to stop, like convulsions. I haven’t mentioned this information to the doctors because don’t really listen and don’t believe the little bit I’ve told them. I’ve had three doctors since I’ve been taking this.

  • Melissa

    Hi, all. I hope you will bear with me, as I have a bit of a complicated story. I have a number of medical conditions, the most recent being a rare facial neuralgia that started just over two years ago. The standard treatment for neuralgias is anti-seizure meds, but my condition doesn’t respond to them. Pain killers are also ineffective; I have been hospitalized several times and been on everything from injections of fentanyl to morphine drips to hourly injections of hydromorph in an effort to get some relief from the severe pain.

    Because my condition is resistent to treatment, I’ve had an entire pharmacy of drugs thrown at me. And I had previously developed heart failure following a severe flu, so I am on a host of heart and BP drugs as well.

    In an effort to treat the neuralgia, I was put on a couple of anti-depressants for their pain controlling aspects – a tri-cyclic as well as an SSRI. The tri-cyclic I have been on before, as I also have fibromyalgia, and it is given in low doses to fibro patients to help regulate their sleep cycles. I was on it for years, so I know I don’t have any sexual side effects from that one. The SSRI I was put on was prozac, which was chosen because it came in liquid form which is necessary because I can’t swallow pills when the neuralgia pain is active.

    I actually did well on the prozac for a couple of years, and found as a side effect that it made me feel better – I told my doctor that I didn’t realize I was depressed I was until I wasn’t anymore. So I loved it.

    Then last year, we discovered that old-school dilantin (by IV in hospital) works for my neuralgia, so I went on an oral dose. A very high level is required in order to control the pain, but I tolerate it well and all I have to put up with from that is some excess facial hair and a few eye twitches. Around the same time, my doctor put me on topamax. He said it was a newer anti-seizure med that he thought might help with the neuralgia pain. I did well on the initial dose of 200 mg a day. Then in the fall, the doctor increased the dose to 300 mg a day, and that’s when my life fell apart.

    Long story only somewhat shorter, I’m slightly bi-polar to begin with, and the topamax has mania as a side effect although it’s rare. Isn’t even noted on most of the drug websites, but I found it on one in December as I was trying desperately to figure out what was wrong with me.

    In brief, the higher dose triggered a manic episode that lasted for several months. I thought it was just my own bi-polar acting up particularly badly, as I am usually able to self-regulate myself (I am aware when I am “high” and “low” and take steps to protect myself until it passes), but I was totally out of control this time. I didn’t sleep for six weeks; barely ate and kept forgetting to take my heart medication. It also made me so aggressive (another side effect) that I had started fearing, literally, for my husband’s life!

    One day, I took a break from the manic-fuelled obsession with a legal issue my husband was peripherally involved in, which had kept me on the computer doing research for those six long weeks, and noticed that my feet had ballooned up alarmingly. I saw my doctor immediately, and said “something is terribly wrong with me”. At that point, I asked to reduce the topamax because of the aggression – I didn’t find out about the mania side effect until later – and I spent Christmas week in and out of hospital terrified that I’d put myself back into heart failure.

    While going through this episode, along with the general mania I had also developed nymphomania. Which was awkward, as my husband and I have a difficult and complicated relationship (we both still struggle with the effects of severe childhood trauma) as a result of which we haven’t had sex in many years.

    I am also a sex addict, although I didn’t realize this until recently. Silly me – I thought you actually had to be having sex in order to qualify as a sex addict, but eventually I realized that being preoccupied with it 24/7, especially the fact that you’re not having it and mostly haven’t as an adult, and dealing with it solo the unhealthy and obsessive way that I have since I was a kid (to avoid feelings and problems) qualified as addictive behaviour.

    Sorry for the long post, but my situation is a bit complicated as you can see. In any event, as I was researching online to see if the topamax could have caused my heart issues, I discovered that topamax when combined with an SSRI is reported to cause nymphomania in rare cases. I asked my doctor about this, and he said he’d actually put me on the topamax for this very reason – to counteract the loss of libido that one of my other drugs was supposed to cause.

    Except that my doctor didn’t ask me if my libido needed adjusting (it didn’t), or whether I had an outlet for all this sexual interest that he managed to raise with staggeringly unintended success (he didn’t know about my husband’s and my lack of a sex life because I’ve always been too ashamed to talk about it).

    Apparently the topamax/SSRI combination works to increase your testosterone level, and thus restore your libido – which is what my doctor intended. But my level overshot and went through the roof. As a result of which I spent a couple of frustrating (though very pleasant!) months masturbating for up to five or six hours every night.

    As I was gradually weaned off the topamax, the problem resolved for a while and things went back to normal. But then about a month or so ago, the problem returned with a vengence. Whereas before I wasn’t horny to the point of distraction unless I thought about it (which I tried not to during the day, because I needed to function), and only became an issue once I started – because then I couldn’t stop – I am now so hot and bothered all the time that I pretty much can’t function at all.

    It’s out of control at this point, and while I am on disability leave, I have kids and not a lot of privacy. So it’s been pretty miserable, since my body is going on merrily whether I want it to or not, night and day. I’ve started having to ask my husband to take the kids out somewhere (anywhere!) just to give me some alone time, which doesn’t actually help at all. Because no matter how long I go, five minutes later I want to start up again. I can barely sit still at this point.

    But it gets even worse. Since the dilantin along with some strong narcotics are now managing the neuralgia pain, I was also taken off the prozac. Now, suddenly, about three weeks ago, I stopped being able to orgasm. At all. And I usually pop them off like firecrackers, so I knew something else had gone wrong.

    It was then that I discovered prozac is supposed to be the worst of the SSRIs for causing sexual dysfunction. But usually it is supposed to reduce your libido along with taking away your ability to orgasm, which would actually be a blessing for me, since I don’t have a partner or much of an outlet at all. So I’m assuming that once the topamax level dropped below a certain threshold (at 50 mg per day I stopped having the mania), the prozac took over and I stopped being able to orgasm. But I don’t understand this, since I didn’t have the problem before – I was on prozac for about a year and a half before the topamax was prescribed.

    And I didn’t understand this new round of nymphomania until a couple of days ago when I found an article on the web that said STOPPING an SSRI can cause nymphomania, also. I’d never heard that before, but pehaps that’s what’s happening to me this time.

    The order of events (nymphomania redux then loss of orgasms) seemed wrong, until I thought about it and realized I’d actually been hit and miss with the prozac since late December, and more miss than hit. With everything else going on, I kept forgetting to take it anyway, which is partly why I went off it altogether a month ago.

    So it seems more than a little cruel for me to have ended up with nymphomania again but no ability to orgasm to relieve it even temporarily. And I’m furious, because neither my family doctor, who prescribed the topamax, or the hospital doctor who prescribed the prozac, ever mentioned any of these possible side effects to me, or I wouldn’t have taken the bloody drugs in the first place. And I’m terrified, because I’ve read that the loss of orgasms from an SSRI can last for months, years or even be permanent.

    Now again – for me, I wasn’t particularly depressed to start with, but I sure as hell am now!! This is no way to live…

    But I’ve read that wellbutrin is sometimes given as a treatment for post-SSRI sexual dysfunction, so I’m awfully glad to be reading all these positive comments about it – because apparently there is not much else they can do for PSSD.

    I’m desperate to see my doctor to find out if I can take it with everything else I’m on, but unfortunately he is apparently away on vacation until sometime next month, so I guess I’m going to be in a bad way for a while longer.

    Anyway, if anyone has been through any experiences similar to mine, I’d love to hear from you – hopefully, with some positive outcomes so that I can stop freaking out so much. I’ve only just recently identified as a sex addict and am still waiting to get into therapy, so having my “crutch” suddenly taken away from me has been pretty hard to deal with. I’m not in particularly good circumstances these days, being housebound due to serious illness and stuck in a bad marriage, so losing the only pleasant thing in my life feels kind of like the last straw at this point.

    • kristy

      I was on Prozac for over 2 years and I suffered badly from sexual side effects, both loss of libidio and ability to orgasim, so frustrating as I am in my 30’s and this isn’t suppose to be happening anyways I discontinued it quite sometime ago and it came back but not quite the same but I still take Clonazepam so this is probably the cause. It took approx 2-3 months to feel the effects of the Prozac to get out of my system. I am now taking Wellbutrin 150 mg XL and bumping it up to 300 mg XL for depression, anxiety and PMDD and I am hoping this will jump start my libido.

      • David

        Hi Kristy,
        I have been taking 1mg Clonazepam for the past 20 years for a sleep disorder. I never made the connection but somewhere in my mid-30’s my libido just tanked. I wanted to have sex with my wife but could not get an erection and have had to use meds to help with that. I now believe that Clonazepam is the culprit and will be weaning myself off of it soon; apparently this can take some time. I also recently began taking Wellbutrin ( moderate depression) and am feeling better but as of yet have not felt the return of my libido. I’m taking only 150 mg/daily and will ask my physician to increase it to 300mg in hopes of the return of my libido. I am glad to have found this blog and to have read your post. I hope your symptoms improve soon.
        Take care,

  • Harry

    Day 12-37
    Beproprion 300. Not smoking and the body has been protesting since. I think after all the years of smoking and beginning treatment, I have recognized my depression and smoking became so much less important than mental health. This is not placebo. But I think I will give up the pills when three months have past. The only pill Ive taken that long is for enlarged prostate. six months and soon to end. Going on pot is the goal, no pills. liberate medical marijuana.

  • Bridgette

    Okay, so… About 6 months ago I pretty much stopped sleeping. And I lost a few pounds. Family & friends began freaking out! The general consensus was that I had an eating disorder (which I did & do NOT). I’ve always been real thin, until my mid 20s… I slowly began gaining until I passed my full term pregnancy weight & started dieting. I stopped dieting when I reached my goal weight, but the pounds kept falling off. Anyway, everyone freaking out constantly, I decided to humor them & see a doc. She says I’m AADD & puts me on adderall & citalopram. The sleeplessness worsened & I lost focus & speed… But I made up for it working through the night. Family freaking persisted & increased, so I revisited the doc. She decides I’m bipolar & put me on seroquel xr 150mg for 5 days then 300mg thereafter. It knocked me out!! Like a coma! When I ask the nurse how long I’d be sleeping 1/2 the day… That earned me a psych referral. AND I’ve started craving sweets! I never eat sweets! Since starting the seroquel I’ve gained almost 20lbs (bout a month!). So the psych doc switches out the citalopram for wellbutrin hcl sr 100mg. I’ve been told it’s the ‘happy, horny, skinny pill’… But, everything I’m reading is for higher dosages. Can I expect any improvement in my typically non-existent sex drive? AND how likely is it that I will loose the extra weight & be able to wear my clothes again?!? I’ve been taking the wellbutrin (well, bupropion) for 10 days… I’ve dropped a pound or two, but I’m also back to dieting until my pants can cover my rear! My husband & I couldn’t get enough of each other early on, but my libido is squat! Between endometriosis & other issues derived from my 1st nightmare marriage, I’m useless in that arena. I would love to have the drive that a 29 year old should have! If it’ll help there, I’ll at least get something good out of deciding to humor everyone else’s worries! If I keep gaining, these pills are going in the trash!

  • Greta

    I need someon’s opinion regarding Wellbutrin. Ok here it goes: I have been takin celexa for 2 yrs, went to my doctor who switched me to Wellbutrin 200mg twice a day. This has been my 5th day and I am feelin side effects such as severe headache, body warmth and tremors. I am scared to take my night dose now. Even with these side effects, should I continue taking it? Will these go away. How many days does Wellbutrin take therapeutic effect? Pls advice Asap.


    • TeresaR

      Stopping taking antidepressants, especially Paxil for example, will cause withdrawal symptoms that can last up to 6 weeks for some people. Your symptoms sound more like your ceasing taking Celexa than it does beginning the WB.

      I speak from experience. My Paxil withdrawal nearly led me to hospitalization from the severe symptoms. And I’m not alone; almost 1.2 million people have researched Paxil withdrawal at quitpaxil.org. Btw, not affiliated. Just still fighting the worst headache of my life! It’s lasted 3 weeks and no drug is giving me relief.

  • dickdickenson

    it’s been a few years since I’ve been taking bupropion. stayed at 150mg/day and don’t crave smoke anymore; however, I crave sex almost every hour. When I’m walking, when I drive, when I’m eating dinner. Note: you won’t get any positive sexual side effect if you don’t work out. Fitness helps your libido as well. I’m 34 and I feel like I was 20. I get so horny sometimes, I end up experimenting like I was back in college. Man…. love this antidepressant.

  • Deborah

    Four weeks on 200 mg of Wellbutrin daily and my libido is through the roof! I think of sex non-stop & to distraction and have started having interesting sexual fantasies. I started taking it due to depression and binge-eating disorder. It is really helping with both (along with a small amount of Buspar to counteract the anger Wellbutrin can cause). I am enjoying the horniness to a certain extent, but hope my sex drive decreases from off the charts to medium/high soon (it was already high to begin with). Another positive about Wellbutrin is the reduction in my social anxiety – I just don’t really care what people think anymore and am not nervous in crowded places.

  • Deborah

    Oh & it has helped with weight loss also.

  • Crow

    I have been taking Zoloft for 1 year now after being on Prozac for 6 years, I have OCD and anxitey. The Zoloft is working, but the sexual side effects are horrible. I have seen on other post doctors supplmenting Wellbutrin with Zoloft and this seems to help. Has anyone had luck with this?? I scheduled to see the doctor again on Monday and thought I would bring this up. (no pun intended)

  • TeresaR

    Wow I thought I had become a freak of nature. Truly. Wellbutrin SR 300 mg HAS caused tremendous hypersexuality for me. I have always had a healthy appetite but due to depression, I began to take Paxil a year ago. BTW avoid PAXIL if at all possible!

    I decided to come off the Paxil, which I was concurrently taking with the Wellbutrin, because I had lost the ability to orgasm. When I could, they were extremely weak, unsatisfying, and took a long time to reach.

    I stopped taking the Paxil 3 weeks ago, which btw causes tremendous withdrawal symptoms that can totally incapacitate you. I have not been able to turn my head for three weeks without nearly vomiting, and it carries explosive headaches for which I had to go on chemo pain drugs to treat.

    At any rate, two days after stopping taking the Paxil, while still taking the Wellbutrin, I experienced 4 orgasms within 5 minutes of sex with my partner. Like a reader posted before me, you constantly tingle and feel desire. I find myself getting aroused at seeing a very muscular man, and begin to get wet (sorry for the detail). Crazily enough my bf and I watched a very short p0rn trailer together, and I began to orgasm without even being touched!

    I do not know about being debilitated, but I think about sex constantly and go into my bathroom during the day and masturbate to completion up to 6-9 times. Now, know that these are not small orgasms, but intense, earth shattering ones. I have begun to feel like a freak of nature.

    Is there anyone else like me? I am not complaining but I am getting very distracted!

  • Iwato

    IBSc sufferer since 2002;
    I have not been in any medication for it, I tried to work on diet but doesn’t seem tworking, i currently having slightly abniminal disconfort and periodic attack of fatique and stomach apset (after about every two weeks) with diminished sex desire. I wonder if i could start taking wellbutrin may help with my low libido, but i get feared of worsening my IBS.
    Is any one who is IBSc with low libido who also get improved from?
    I real your help.

  • Jane gracey

    I was taking zoloft 150mg. I couldn’t come for nothing so the Dr put me on Effexor. Its worse than the zoloft. So I am looking for something that will get my libido back and my ability to climax.

  • Jane gracey

    Oh and I have a generalized anxiety disorder and wondering how Wellbutrin will work on that? The effect and also the about comment about being able to climax and getting libido back. My husband and I had a healthy sex life until the zoloft and effexor. HELP? any ideas?

  • 9yrsonpaxil

    I’m middle aged male and I can say through experience it will be difficult to have your cake and eat it it too. The Paxil that I take makes sex obsolete; completely dissipates any urge for sex because there is no urgency to begin with. It gets rid of compulsions, neuroses, most anxiety, and leaves me feeling like I don’t need anything. That may be good or bad depending on how one looks at it. I simply always feel good. Yohimbine HCL by prescription only will temporarily reverse SSRI effects long enough for you to have interest and also orgasm. There is a price to pay however, as with all things there are side effects that may or may not occur such as nervousness, insomnia, and elevated blood pressure. YMMV

  • Wow!!1234

    I am a mid 30’s male. I have suffered from a whole slew of lower back problems for many years. About eight months ago I was met with the worst of the back pain from another minor injury. They finally approved an MRI and found degenerative disk disease, stenosis, scoliosis, bone spurs, etc. and said I would probably have to have multiple level spinal fusion surgery. Well the doctors tried tons of drugs including SSRI’s and nothing worked. I was on Oxy and a Morphine patch for eight straight months with little relief. One day the doctor asked if I would be willing to try Wellbutrin. I agreed and within a short amount of time my pain subsided to less than a quarter of what it had been, the inflammation went away, my back straightened out (was being pulled to one side due to the injury), and I was feeling great! I stopped the Oxy and morphine patch cold turkey (that was a fun week or two of withdrawals) and the pain has not increased. I have to say the side effects were amazing. The increased libido was out of this world. I am still having to work through controlling the sexual thoughts and desires, but I can tell you my wife was as shocked and happy as I was by the changes. I have been steadily losing weight, as my appetite is less than what it used to be which is great cause I had some weight to lose. I have always had a healthy sexual life, but nothing like it is now. I can gmusic go and go and have an ejaculation one after another with no issues at all. Hopefully my wife won’t tire of it! This is simply an amazing drug!

  • Bridgette

    I’m a 26 year old female, I have been taking 150 dose of XL for about 6 weeks. Previous to taking it, I already had a much higher than normal libido. In the past 6 weeks my libido has gone from high to crazy, intense, nonstop, constantly aroused. I feel like a wild animal in heat. I would definitely call it hypersexuality. It’s also ridiculously easy for me to climax. I guess I’m not complaining…

  • Ronit

    I’ve been taking it a long time. It DOES increase libido for me. Not in a debilitating way though.

  • Mary

    I started taking wellbutrin sr 150 mg twice a day, to quit smoking and I started feeling awesome within the first couple weeks. My sexual desire came back, and I reached intense orgasms very quickly. My husband and I were finally enjoying each other intimately again after many years of sex being pretty much non existent. And then my dr. increased my dose to 200 mgs twice daily, after 10 days I couldn’t handle it any more, I became extremely moody, every little thing bothered me, I couldn’t stand to be around any people, even my animals. So I put myself back on the 150 mg twice daily, its been 3 weeks, and I am sad to say, I can not get back to were I was before the increase in dosage. I am less moody, but also have less desire for sex, and the ability to reach orgasm is almost none, and when I do, it is so weak, not even worth the effort.

  • Patty

    Ok so here is our story.
    Female 45y, no depression, not overweight, smoker(still). Lost libido after skin allergy treatments with cortizone and other antihestamines. As of today I still take my daily dose of Zyrtec to avoid getting my skin problem back.

    Marrige started to get bad and feeling awefull for not having sex, but then again, sex was not in my mind, not even by mistake. I only had desire for sex once a month during my ovulation, but only one day. So, basically it was sex once a month.

    My husband and I tried for years several other alternatives to gain back my libido. From excersie (which I still do), diets to natural products like red clover, wildgoat, yomebine to vitamines, testosterone, DHEA and any other sexual stimulat available.

    Started on Wellbutrin 4 week ago without know what it was for. My husband tried to avido the placebo effect. First 2 weeks was only 150mg then 300 AND MY GOD!

    Definetly this is female Viagra. I don’t know how to say this but, “libido off the charts” is way to small to say how I feel. Hypersexual could be less than my need to get sex. It is an attention disorder. I’m always wanting to have sex. Always!!! Hubby is happy, but I’m affraid that he could not get in the same rythm.

    We are thinking going back to 150/day … not! 🙂

    Women out there. If you have lost you libido and want it back. Willbutrin is the only way. It really restores the confidence we need. Happy libido to all.

    Now spanish version. I’m from Mexico.

    Mujer de 45 años con problemas alergicos de piel, sin depresion y solamente tomando Zyrtec o Miseda actualmente. Despues de mas de 4 años de tratamiento con cortizona y anithistamicos y de haber perdido paulatinamente el deseo sexual, hasta llegar al punto de ni siquiera pensar en ello, inicie tratamiento con Wellburtin.

    Habiendo intentado todos los posibles remedios recomendados para restaurar mi libido, con productos naturales y alopaticos (trebol rojo, yumbina, testosterona, DHEA y demas remedios) y ninguno sin obtener el efecto deseado.

    Investigando en Internet y decidiendo cual era la mejor opcion para intentar (PT141, parches de testosterona) mi marido resolvio por el Wellbutrin. Lo empece a tomas sin saber para que era. Queria el evitar el efecto placebo.

    Inicie tomando 150mg al dia durante 15 dias, despues subio la dosis a 300mg al dia. A los 15 dias ya estaba yo hecha una ninfomana. El sexo no desaparece de la cabeza y hasta llega el punto en que no se puede uno concentrar en lo que tiene uno que hacer solo por estar pensando donde, como y con quien lo hare.

    En serio mujeres, si tienes el problema de hiposexualidad o desorden de libido disminuido, por favor, considera Wellburin en tu vida. Ha hecho hasta el momento maravillas en la relacion con mi esposo. Y no solo eso, es cuestion de autoestima! Se vuelve a sentir uno mujer…de 20!

    En Mexico lo puedes conseguir en cualquier farmacia. Esta inidicado para ayudar a dejar de fumar. Cuesta la caja de 15 pastillas 500-700 y la de 30 pastillas entre 1000 y 1400 pesos depende de la farmacia.

    Estoy considerando bajarle a la dosis, tan pronto y mi marido ya no me de el ancho y si no, pues a buscar donde.

    feliz libido a todas!!

    • Rob

      Hi all i have just been informed that my wife has just started cymbalta 6 weeks ago and i have just been told by her even though i knew she was taking something i diden’t know what i now find out it is cymbalta and last night she could not orgasm and it diden’t matter how much i tried to finish her off now i know why !
      we have struggled with my sexual desire for over 15yrs in my marriage and this is the main reason my wife went on medication as we were just about to the separation option.
      due to my childhood i knew the effect of this type of medication and this is why i had some suspicions (my mother is a manic depressive.)
      i now read that a lot of women on cymbalta have a problem with having an orgasm when on this drug can someone give me some advice on how to suggest wellbutrin as an alternative and please it isen’t as easy as just saying it as she feels that i contributed to her starting this medication and well 15yrs of trying to sort this out.
      any help would be good as i now feel responsible for all this.
      i always thought that sex a couple of times a week was a good thing for a healthy marriage and let me say i am happy with that however i would be happy with more.
      for all you couples out there that are open to getting a lot now due to the medication change i envy you all
      now i just need to convince my wife to change her meds and maybe we can both enjoy what i have always wanted in our marriage
      a very sad and frustrated


  • 2012 Update: “Wellbutrin: The United States also alleges that, from January 1999 to December 2003, GSK promoted Wellbutrin, approved at that time only for Major Depressive Disorder, for weight loss, the treatment of sexual dysfunction, substance addictions and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, among other off-label uses. The United States contends that GSK paid millions of dollars to doctors to speak at and attend meetings, sometimes at lavish resorts, at which the off-label uses of Wellbutrin were routinely promoted and also used sales representatives, sham advisory boards, and supposedly independent Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs to promote Wllbutrin for these unapproved uses. GSK has agreed to plead guilty to misbranding Wellbutrin in that its labeling did not bear adequate directions for these off-label uses. For the Paxil and Wellbutrin misbranding offenses, GSK has agreed to pay a criminal fine and forfeiture of $757,387,200.” http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2012/July/12-civ-842.html — “GlaxoSmithKline to Plead Guilty and Pay $3 Billion to Resolve Fraud Allegations and Failure to Report Safety Data – Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in U.S. History”

  • Billy

    I started taking Wellbutrin XL 300mg and after 6 weeks started noticing this tingle feeling in my d**k and in my chest. Its a good horny type feeling. Oh and by the way I am 44 male. And yes my orgasims are explosive and my erections are waaaayyyy harder. So it also makes my c**k thicker and longer. Not greatly but about an inch longer and about 1/4 inch in girth but its HARD. Feels real freakin good when I orgasim and I want to orgasim 3 times a day.

  • Rodney

    I was on Welbutrin 150mg then increased to 300mg. Things were going great, I met this fantastic woman, who has never met anyone that is taking medication for anti-depressants. Her reaction, made me feel abnormal” and I did the taboo of depression medication…quit…cold turkey. It probably took about two months for her to notice a change in me…and I deffinately noticed. We finally had a talk about the changes and she admitted that she felt she pressured me to have the need to quit.
    After a scolding from my doctor, Im back on and must say things are great…as far as sexual side effects, I’ve always noticed a boost in libido for sure..so this stubborn man has learned his lesson.

  • Wow! It’s good to know I’m not the only one. Since I have been on Welbutrin 300mg I libido has gone through the roof!!! I love it!


  • David C

    Anyone on Lexapro 10mg for Anxiety and then move to Wellbutrin? The Lexapro is messing with my sexual ability and causing frequent urination issues, especially at night. I just reduced the dosage to 5 mg because is makes me drowsy during the day…can’t really wake up…and want to nap in the afternoon.

    I was put on Lexapro after I had 3-4 bouts of anxiety…feeling like I was going to jump out of my skin and blood pressure went through the roof. The BP is fine and Dr didn’t want to put me on Wellbutrin because he said it would raise my BP…given the other side effects of Lexapro, I’d take a small bump in BP to stop the other issues…

    Comments? Dr Chin?

  • tscott

    My husband and I both started taking wellbutrin sr to help us quit smoking. While it has not done a thing to help us quit smoking, we have both has a HUGE increase in our libido. I had no desire whatsoever to have sex, now I cant wait until my husband comes home from work. He used to be satisfied with “doing it” before he went to work, now he is hornier than he has ever been.

  • David Bellard

    I have been prescribed Wellbutrin XL today and I have always had a way higher than average sex drive and the idea of an antidepressant ruining that for me is why I am here reading the comments. U am 36 and smoke alot so I will be happy to report back with my own personal results. As far as Cymbakta I will NEVER take that crap again! I date older women almost exclusivelyd my last ex joked that we were going through menopause together…it had me breaking out in sweat and burning up then freezing seconds later over and over so I quit taking it without tapering down like you are supposed to do and it took me almost two weeks to get over the side effects. I will wait about two weeks to report back with my results from the Wellbutrin, thanks-Dave

  • David Bellard

    Sorry for the typos….and it was Cymbalta

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  • G

    I have been on bupropion SR for about a month for severe depression and it has increased my non existence sex drive thru the roof my husband says its got to be some powerful stuff to change me from never wanting sex to now wanting it morning and night. We have been married 26 years and we have never had this much sex. We have probably had sex less than 12 times in the last 72 years my loss of wanting sex was beginning to destroy my marriage but I must say now it is the best its ever been. I just want to know will this side effect last? I feel like a new person since starting this Med and would love to keep feeling like this. I actually have fell in love with my husband all over again and can’t wait for him to come home now whereas I once hated to see him come home.

  • G

    That should have been in the last 7 years not 72

  • Calli

    I’m a 35 yr old woman. Married almost 15 yrs with 4 kids. I’ve been on Bupropion 150 mg for 10 days for major depression. Doctor said it may take up to 3-4 weeks for any noticeable results. So far there has definitely NOT been an increase is sexual desire. (Many years ago I had taken Wellbutrin XL 300 for awhile and was “too” happy which is why this time around it was cut to 150)
    All these posts mention almost immediate sexual gratification. I don’t know if it’s because of the low dosage, haven’t reached 3-4 week time period, or I just really do not have desire 🙁 My husband deserves better and I was hoping this “side effect” would help me. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • michelle

    Whenever my wellbutrin dosage has been increased I have strong sexual deviant desires completely unlike myself off the meds. I am a 36 yr old married mother of two and I all of a sudden since med increase think about watching porn and masturbating-this is so so so wrong but incredibly overwhelming. I am able to have endless orgasms-endless. And it takes next to nothing to have them, just the slightest touch. Then I was put on vyvanase and the hypersensitivity was x 1000 PERCENT. I feel painfully guilty about these dwellings.

    • Charlie

      How many time were you masterbating on vyvanse? Been talking to my dr. about being put on that drug for ADHD

    • Vecha

      I don’t get why all these people are guilty about having sex/masturbating…

  • nicole

    Started wellbutrin in additon to zoloft and lamictal. I just went from 200 zoloft to 100 and am five days in 150 of wellbutrin. I feel very jazzed up and sometimes I feel like I have tons of energy going through which dimishes after a few hours. What dose works best to combat Sexual side effects and will this feeling of energy subside? I want to enjoy sex someday but I don’t want to feel like I drank a pot of coffee either. It feels funny to have a racing heart for no reason, though I do like feeling happy!

  • cathy

    I took wellbutrin severl years. My depresion was well under control while on it. I developed uncontrolled muscle jerks, ie. leg swings out while I have it cossed over the other knee. I have now been off for 10 years. would it be safe to go back on it.

  • Anticipated44

    I was taking Cymbalta to treat both depression and fibromyalgia. With the Cymbalta, I had horrible sexual side effects, including, inability to reach an orgasm while having sex with my husband and significant decrease in libido. I really believe that Cymbalta caused weight gain but my psychiatrist swares on the bible that it doesn’t. Anyhoo, he took me off Cymbalta and put me on Welbutrin. Today is my first day of 150mg and I’m telling you, I have never felt so much better moodwise!! I’m supposed to jump to 300 mg in six more days so I’m looking for my sex drive to return back to normal. I do not want to be hypersexual as that would be an unwanted distraction. I just want my own libido levels to return and be the sexual being that I always was. I’m reading the comments on here and I am hopeful yet anticipative for the results. I really hope to lose weight with this one as well.

  • Jennifer Lynn Hendrick

    I’ve recently started taking generic wellbutrin150mg it is sept and I started it in July. I have suddenly been very aroused and wanting sex every night, from before- 1 or 2 times a week. Hoping its safe, but its exhausting!

    • Vecha

      How is having sex every night NOT safe??

      • John Rah

        Like she said….EXHAUSTING….very true!

  • Ashley

    My husband started wellbutrin about a month ago, I have basically caught him masturbating twice a day, but he lies about it. He turns me down for sex though. He has low testorone or did and very low sex drive, to my knowledge he did not masturbate, or not this excessively. Has anyone else experienced this? I am truly concerned, like to the point of wondering if our relationship is over.

  • Alex

    2 months ago I got on Citalopram for depression with anxiety. It put me back on track and anxiety was gone. But it completely killed off whatever was left of my libido in 2 days. Watching porn aroused me as much at watching my plants. Needless to say, a weird if not scary feeling for both me and my sweet one. I told my doc and he put me on Wellbutrin XL 300mg. I’ve been on it for a week now and I’m feeling energized and my libido exploded. Perhaps excessively as I feel the urge to masturbate 4x-5x per day. Plus I’m having much horny and crazy thoughts than before. I’m 40 but I have the drive like 15! On the downside, it exacerbated my anxiety. Perhaps it’s the effects of stopping Citalopram or thew dose is too high. I’ve often read that 150mg is easier on anxiety so I’ll see with my doc next time.

  • Tekahionwake

    I’m not writing this to brag about anything, but I think it may be beneficial to those considering Wellbutrin. This might get a bit graphic, so don’t read on if you are offended by that. For context, I am a 40 year old male, non-smoker. For 26 years, I could not have normal sexual intercourse. I had very little sensitivity and my partner had to manually get me to orgasm. It was somewhat depressing. I thought I was not a whole man. And I was rarely at maximum hardness. Earlier this year, my doctor put me on Wellbutrin for depression and anxiety. After about 2 months, I was able to have normal sex with my wife for the first time ever. My sensitivity has gone way up (if before was a 3 it is now an 11 from 0-10). Further to that, I also would have multiple orgasms one right after the other (literally seconds after, if I continue intercourse after the first one without stopping) from no less than 2 to 4 (including the first one) at the most. Just recently, I’ve been experiencing harder and larger (by a few millimeters) erections that have really pleasured my wife (for the first time ever, I was able to bring her to orgasm through intercourse alone). My re-factor time is cut way down from a week to a day in some cases, two mostly depending on how much sleep I get. The experience has been so positive, I am terrified to ever stop the Wellbutrin for fear it may also take my experiences with it. I take 600mg a day, 300/300 (2 150’s). So, there is a positive side to it.

  • Teresa

    Glad to be on Bupropion 150mg. I use to be so depressed about things and had pretty much crashed my libido for a few years. Losing my libido depressed me. I could be having sex with my husband and just all of the sudden dry up, sex would hurt, that depressed me more. People would get on my nerves through out the day. I would lose my patient with people and feel like I want to choke the living day lights out of you because you stand in my way to long or you were just there. I have calm down since being on Bupropion but it has shot my sexural desires way up to horny! I use to be an over sexural person through my teens, 20s early 30s and lost it in the mid thirties to early 40s. i’m 41 and having a high sex drive after taking Bupropion. I do not regret it one bit. I desire my husband back to 3 to 4 or times or more a week once again. So glad this anti depressant does not kill your sex drive I had worried about that happening for what of it is left but love the fact it seems to heighten it.

    • Victoria Castellanos

      Hi Teresa. Can you tell me how long before you started having a sex drive again? Your story sounds exactly like mine. Thank you

  • Victoria Castellanos

    Hi. I just started taking Wellbutrin XL 150 mg once a day two days ago for mild depression that I have had for years. I feel nothing as of yet (except some mild anxiety/palpitation in the evening). However, i have felt nothing sexually. This is a major concern for me bc my desires have just been once a month when I am ovulating. My husband is at his wits end. When will I get this amazing drive everyone keeps talking about? Should I ask for 300 mg and if so, when? Thanks for your help

  • Jessica

    Dr. Jane,
    My boyfriend started taking wellbutrin and in addition to experiencing anxiety he has experienced an increased “sex drive.” The biggest problem is that he wants to watch porn and masterbate more and actual sex much less and I feel as if I can not satisfy him anymore. I know he is watching a lot more porn and masterbating a lot. I think he is not completely honest about just how much he is doing it. Sex feels much less intimate now and the passion is not there. I feel he gets much more pleasure from porn and masterbation than from sex with me. It was never like this before the medication. Also, 2 days after he started the wellbutrin, he told me he wanted to have a threesome And He told Me That He Wants Us To Start Doing It regularly. I had once told him that I would try that for him (try it once) as it is a life long fantasy of his, but he told me that he loved and respected me to much to ever share me with a woman. I was so happy. Now, since the medication, he talks about doing it almost everytime we have sex. Like he has to fantasize about it just to be aroused enough to come. I tried talking to him about the wellbutrin and he thinks that the medication has made him a little more horny but doesn’t see how it is effecting our relationship. I don’t want to make him feel guilty and he says that he needs the medication because without it the pain of his depression is unbearable. He tried a different SSRI the past and hated it… opposite effect (couldn’t orgasm). He won’t do other SSRIs again. I love him so much, but I am worried that our relationship can’t make it through this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    • Jane C

      Hi Jessica, is it possible that you accompany your boyfriend on an appointment to his physician (the one who prescribed the Wellbutrin) and discuss some of the side effects of the drug? Or perhaps this is a situation warranting a therapist intervention. You are asked to make certain choices that is definitely affecting your relationship even if your boyfriend doesn’t see how it is affecting you: this puts you in a difficult position.

    • Michael Joseph, O’Donnell

      I recently started taking Wellbutrin for depression and sexual dysfunction, from a major spinal cord surgery, that left me partially paralyzed from the waste down. The last thing to come back if at all is your sex organs and drive. I just switched from 150 mg Sr twice a day to 300 mg once a day XL for energy and to increase my sexual libido. I have been at the hospital since the surgery 4 months ago. So let me tell you whats up, My libido is OFF THE HOOK. I am completely out of SEXUAL CONTROL. I am like a 15 year old who just discovered the orgasm. My Dr’s have also directed me to use Sexually Stimulating “Material” . . . Porn and “Touch” . . . Masturbation. I am a Bi-Sexual Male who just came out of the closet, so my taste in Porn is all over the map, I feel like I am a women in Heat, and every bottled up sexual fantasy I have ever had is bubbling to the surface at this very moment. My Nurses and Dr’s are asking me when am I going to get out of bed, I have been in it for nearly 3 days (With my computer) I pretty much told them what is up. A couple of pieces of advice . . . perhaps switching the formula will help calm down his libido, when I was on SR it did nothing for my libido. Wellbutrin is 2nd only to Viagra for Increasing Sexual Libido. As far as your boyfriends masturbation and porn, asking for a threesome, try to look at it this way . . . if you won’t take offense but I know from being Bi, what it is like for a women when she gets really horny (Ovulating) your brain becomes like Swiss cheese and you have an itch that needs to be scratched. He is in that mode 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and he has no control over it, his sexual energy is unfocused out of control. When you are in this state of mind every repressed sexual fantasy, desire or urge will do everything it must to come to the forefront. Try changing the formula, and don’t take it personal. He is hormonal. Good Luck.

  • Amanda Saam

    Hi Dr. Jane,

    I’m a 30 yr. old female. I was on Zoloft for about 1 yr. with some improvement. About 1 month ago, my Dr. (PCP) insisted that I try to quit smoking. So, he weaned me off the Zoloft while replacing it with Bupropion 300mg. I noticed increased irritability right away. Within 2 weeks I was having fits of rage. Week 3, was just unacceptable. I became so aroused that sitting down felt like tiny orgasms. My clitoris was throbbing and pulsating. For some reason, I had no desire for my husband (or any other live person) For 3 days I watched porn and masturbated for about 8 hrs. a day!!! No matter how many orgasms I had, the desire would get even more intense. By day 3, my whole body was so sore I could barely move. My husband came home early and caught me. I was so embarrassed and angry with him for some odd reason. I called my psychiatrist (felt more comfortable telling him than my PCP) and told him EVERYTHING. He told me that sometimes antidepressants can cause a manic episode in bipolar people. Hypersexuality is apparently very common in mania. He told me to stop the Wellbutrin immediately and start on Abilify. This was 2 days ago. The sexual problems went away immediately, but I feel more depressed than ever and this new med makes me feel really strange/distant too. I really trust and value my psych’s opinion, but is it possible that he’s mistaken?

    • Jane C

      Hi Amanda,

      Abilify is approved as an “adjunct” (add-on) therapy for mood stabilizer medication that you would be on, it is not meant to treat depression, unless your psych decided that Abilify could also do the job of an antidepressant. Abilify is not an antidepressant.

      It is entirely possible that your body is not responding the way your psych may expect, that you always trust what side effects you are feeling. Let your psych know that you are feeling more depressed than ever and whether there is another SSRI type of drug (Zoloft is an SSRI class of drug) that may work, especially when you had been responding (showing some improvement) on Zoloft.

      Hypersexuality is a known side effect with Wellbutrin. If you’d read through the wellbutrin thread on this website you will know how many people have experienced hypersexuality as a side effect; this type of side effect is not always welcome, and may not only come from a manic episode but from the drug itself.

      Again, communicate to your psych what you have been experiencing on Abilify right away!

      • Amanda Saam

        Hi Dr. Jane,
        Sorry, I didn’t see your response. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have added the additional info.

        Anyhow, I think my Dr. now thinks that my chronic depression has actually been bipolar disorder the whole time. I read about it and I know I don’t have Bipolar I. Perhaps Bipolar ll, but still skeptical. He originally suggested a mood stabilizer to help me sleep. I said no because I was sleeping just fine before the sexual problems started. I’m normally tired all the time anyways. I read that Abilify also treats Bipolar l and Schizophrenia. Ironically, I now feel paranoid that he thinks I’m paranoid lol

  • nashjofreak

    Yes- been on welbutrin just a few weeks and orgasms are stronger, more voluminous and more often.

  • Rock

    I am 57 years old male. This has been a 25 year search for me. I have battled delayed ejaculation problems. I am on 150 HCL XL for 6 weeks. Are you taking 150 or 300 mgs? XL or SR? has helped motivate me a whole bunch but no sex help. I wonder if I am on enough or the right type to fight against Serzone and Ativan? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Rock

  • Rock

    Wellbutrin Question

    I am 57 years old male. What Buproprion should I take for help with orgasm? 150 or 300 mgs? XL or SR?. This has been a 25 year search for me. I have battled delayed ejaculation problems. I am on 150 HCL XL for 6 weeks. It has helped motivate me a whole bunch but don’t seem to feel increased libido and still having delayed ejaculation problems during sex. I wonder if I am on enough or the right type to fight against Serzone and Ativan? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Rock

  • Conejo

    I’m so happy to find this page (thanks Jane!). I am a 35 year old married male recently diagnosed with major depression and ADHD. I was put on 20mg Brintellix for the depression and 70mg vyvanse + 10-20 mg dextroamphetamine for the adhd. My doctor added 150mg generic Wellbutrin XL and I immediately started staying up all night watching porn and masterbating. One month later it was increased to 300mg and I started having sex with strangers I’d met online (e.g. Craigslist), often sight unseen.. After ~5-6 weeks of this insane behavior, I told my doctor and wife what was going on and stopped taking the Wellbutrin and dextro which I hear can both cause hyper sexuality. My doctor has added 5mg of abilify because he is worried about the depth of my depression after the revelation of my recent behavior. I had never (or even considered) cheating on my wife of 5 years. I’m struggling to keep my family together and my wife and doctor don’t believe my Wellbutrin had anything to do with it. I, however, feel strongly that the Wellbutrin played a major role in my bizarre sexual behavior. Now that I am off the drug my libido and behavior have returned to normal… But I’m consumed with self-loathing, shame and a marriage that is in tatters. I’d recommend folks be cautious with this drug and monitor any changes in sexual thoughts/behaviors. I would also welcome any resources or references so that I can continue to try to understand.

    • Pete Gentle

      Me too. Ten months ago my doctor put me on Wellbutrin for depression. I think my depression was because my wife had our third baby and her sex drive had been gone for 14 months or so already. I was a virgin when I married — you can see I strongly believe in fidelity and faithfulness. But after two weeks of being on Wellbutrin XL 150, my depression was gone, but it’s like my conscience switched off. With no guilt whatsoever, I started going on gay hookup apps and meeting up with strangers. After the first few I was baffled and confused so I went back to my doctor. He just thought it might be because I was more confident, not due to the medication. So far I’ve been on about 40 hookups and she doesn’t know. I feel terrible but I feel like I can’t control myself. It’s like having a cake in the fridge, saying I’m not going to eat it. But before I can think about it I’m out there again. The worst part of it is during the same time we went through marriage counselling and our relationship, marriage, and sex life has NEVER BEEN BETTER. I hate myself. I need help. I need to get off this drug but I’m afraid I’ll completely break down if I do.

    • Dojo

      Were all those medications prescribed by the same doctor? I am not a doctor but based on personal experience and some quick research, that was an insane combination. 70mg Vyvanse is a heavy dosage. You should not have been taking dextroamphetamine on top of that. You were basically “coked” up. Brintellix is an antidepressant and they are also trying to pushing it for off label use for ADHD. I saw something that it may have been discontinued. It has terrible sexual side effects, of the 30% of men taking 20mg can’t get it up variety, so I’m surprised you were able to have sex with anyone. As for the Wellbutrin, that’s also an antidepressant and is sometimes used to treat ADHD and to stop smoking. Brintellix and Wellbutrin should not be taken together. If you can still get it up with Brintellix and it’s helping your depression then great, but there may be better options out there. I have no opinion on Abilify but have a general feeling that some doctors prescribe newer Brand Name drugs that are marginal and unproven because the drug rep has nice legs and treats them well. You have ADHD and are depressed and likely have other things going on as well. Speaking from personal experience again, these are very very hard on a marriage. Take the time to get tested and find the right doctor and drug combination that works for you if you want to have a productive life and stay married.

  • LinnyLou131

    I’ve been on wellbutrin for 6 weeks now. Im a 29yo female. Got more depressed the first two weeks, but luckily tougher it out andafter that I was more energetic, didn’t just want to lay in bed all day and night. I began to be interested in my hobbies again, and just feel like my old self, so very thankful for this drug! I have noticed a super increased sex drive, while I was depressed I never wanted to have sex, I thought something was way wrong with me, but I just has no desire or interest and it never really turned me on. But now, I want to have sex everyday. At first my husband was so excited that I wanted sex again, but now it seems like I want it too much and he doesn’t feel like doing it everyday…. anyone else experience this increased libido and it caused problems in your relationship?

  • bender

    I’ve been on 150 mg wellburtrin for four weeks and I haven’t noticed an increase in libido. It seems for most 300 mg is doing the trick. I’m going to ask my MD about bumping it up.

  • Hey You

    me on wellbutrin: “oh hi penis, please stop being stiff i’m at work”. and…had sex with a coworker. yes i love wellbutrin.