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This is Why.

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Tiger Parenting.
Useful to create a society that.

Believes coercion is the only means for compliance from human being.

Believes the face of “winning” and “better than” is the only success that counts.

Believes parents are owners and not stewards of children.

Believes Love Is Supposed To Hurt.

Believes the end always justifies the means.

Believes humans should be given “what” to think, not taught “how” to think, and certainly never given the freedom to question what is taught or thought.

Tiger Mothering.
Decks mothers and children in.

Eye-dazzling clothes of success
without regard for what wounds lie beneath.

Because on face value, people see what dazzles.

Ugly Wounds.

We turn away.
Our eyes and noses burning from
what rots within a sacred relationship.

Let’s look at what dazzles.

Pretend this is real and everlasting.

I know Tiger Mothers. (You see my name, yes?)

I have lived and roamed in dens of Tiger Mothers.

Once upon a time
I was a cub
like other cubs I knew.

This was how I grew up.

This is why I’ve grown up.

I’ve grown up to eat Tiger Mothers for lunch.

This post commemorates the very first time I went on Quora, to answer a question about the Tiger Mothers. I spoke as a cub who once lived in dens of these. This answer then led to many more answers, some about parenting, many about life and the “why” of life. This week I was told that I’m one of Quora’s 2012 Top Writers. I appreciate the recognition. I still remember how I got here.

Written by Jane Chin

November 1st, 2012 at 11:21 am

Posted in Mental Health