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Letter to the Soul of a Wounded Child


Dear Child:

I see you in the corner there
cowering crouching crying
your head resting on the
arms that wrap around
your knees.

I feel you in the cage where
a shame and fear prison
suffocates breath and
silences laughter
from you.

I call to your soul and wake
that light eternal, one
invincible to cruelty
and untouchable
by darkness.

Your soul then rises from the
depths of abyss and fills
each pore of
with love.

Rise, Child of Light.

(c) 2010 by Jane Chin.

Note: One of the most popular entries on this site is a personal story on emotional abuse. Even though these wounded children have grown up to become adults and many appear to lead very successful lives, they still live with the pain of their wounds from long ago.

The above was what I wish I could say to each of those wounded children.

“Child of Light” is also a term used by a poem that my husband had written for me in 1997, which I pay homage to in this prose.

Related… (and a 2011 update) – This poem is, in many ways, part of a long journey of me writing a book that I’ve wanted to write for 9 years but wasn’t ready to write it or knew who I was writing it for. To read about it, go to “About This Book” for The Youngest Light. This poem did make its way into the book!

Image by Asif Akbar.

Written by Jane Chin

February 22nd, 2010 at 2:48 am