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House and Servant

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I dreamed that

I was living in a large household with many servants.

The house was ancient with a big courtyard and a few trees. The ground of what was supposed to be a garden was sandy and otherwise bare.

I felt danger looming close. I told the servants they could all go home, but the servants wanted to go with me.

I tried to get a van big enough so we could all leave. But bad people came in through the back door of the kitchen. A fight broke out as I defended myself against the bad people.

August 15, 1998

My emotions serve me by telling me when something is wrong, when I should be paying attention to what was happening with me.

I did not know that my role was master and emotions – servants. My life became a garden ignored. The earth in life’s garden became sandy and barren.

When bad things happen in my life, I want my emotions to go away: emotions were an additional burden to bear while I battle to live through the bad things.

But that’s not how emotions work. I can pretend they don’t exist, but they’re never gone. The best I could do was to try to remove me and my emotions away from the bad things in life.

Bad things have a way of sneaking through the back door, usually through the kitchen, the place where I expected to get nourishment instead of danger.

From Connecting: A Personal Story

Written by Jane Chin

February 13th, 2011 at 11:07 am

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