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Father Liable for $400,000 for Emotional Abuse


Note: unfortunately the news link no longer works and I don’t have a subscription to the newspaper. If you have a subscription you may do a search and see if they still store it in the archives!

A Canadian man was ordered to pay $400,000 to his 41 year old daughter for a life time of emotional and physical abuse that amounted to severe mental distress for the woman.

Gory details of emotional and physical abuse amounted to the father attempting to kill his daughter. The woman was also sexually abused by her uncle when she was young. Not surprisingly, the woman suffers from numerous mental and anxiety disorders.

While putting a “dollar amount” on the horrendous suffering this woman has gone through may put this story in the headlines, and help bring awareness to abuse, I wonder if this has truly served justice for the woman. $400,000 seems a measly amount for 20 years of suffering. A few million dollars may be a better beginning (but of course, the father wouldn’t be able to pay that).

It was shameful that the father showed no remorse. It was unforgivable that the mother did nothing to protect her daughter from the abuse.

Written by Jane Chin

August 3rd, 2006 at 6:05 pm