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Tiger Mothers: Amy Chua Shows How Marketing is Done


Why Chinese Mothers are Superior, Wall street journal saturday edition. The marketing tactic that aims to generate publicity for Amy Chua’s book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

Well, it sure worked! A ton of blog responses and over 2000 comments on WSJ at this point.

OMG! This was even hotter than the “Motrin Mom” scandal that literally shut down McNeil’s motrin website over a weekend a couple of years ago. Yea, do you remember that? Those of you who are moms on twitter probably do. Basically Motrin came out with a YouTube commercial about how moms who wear babies get so many aches. That really miffed the moms who wear babies. To the point where they threatened to boycott the company and the product, identified the ad agency who made that ad (and even the budget for that ad), and flooded the VP (who’s a mom herself) with angry emails. Within 48 hours McNeil pulled off the YouTube ad. [Google Motrin Moms if you are curious]

Anyway, back to Amy Chua’s controversial marketing methods.

Chua shows she can’t be shut down; this frenzy has fueled media appearances on the Today show. For what it’s worth, the marketing tactic works, if you don’t care “at what cost” in the big picture. At this point I wonder if Chua was at all stunned by the vehement outpouring of comments, or if she would say that she engineered this whole thing, and all of our anger and upset merely helped her achieve the goal (of publicity for her book)!

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